Maura Buxton

Are Consumers Going "˜Whoo Hoo' Over WaMu's New Campaign?

Beginning in February, Washington Mutual unveiled its new "Whoo Hoo!" campaign which tries to capture how its customers feel about the company’s brand (Figure 1). The bright magenta and blue ads are becoming a ubiquitous part of web navigation to some of the major portals, and it appears that some of the buzz around the brand is infectious given the double digit uptick in search traffic to WaMu’s checking pages

Fed Rate Cuts: Short-term Effect on the Long-Standing Home Loans Slump

With a recession under way or just around the bend (depending on whom you talk to) the Fed stepped up on January 22nd to try to mitigate the effects of the home loans crisis with a 3.5% drop in the current rate. Although there is debate as to the efficacy of the measure, Compete analysis showed a large overall spike in consumer traffic during the week of the first rate