Matt Pace

Amazon Prime Squeezes Already Struggling Rivals

While the 2008 holiday shopping season brought considerable anguish to the retailing industry, was the standout exception. As rivals lick their wounds and look ahead to a challenging 2009, the retailing giant offered them a measure of salt recently by reporting the holidays were actually its "best ever." After posting huge losses throughout its formative years, Amazon long ago quieted cynics who predicted it would never earn a nickel.

Voters Flocked to last week as the Election Neared

A quick comparison of traffic trends to the Barack Obama and John McCain‘s websites in the closing weeks of the race shows a surge of support for Obama last week versus only a modest gain by McCain. For the week ended November 1st, nearly 4.9 million people visited Obama’s website, a 60% rise over the previous week, and twice the level Obama reached on the heels of his August convention

Obama Extended Online Advantage in Race's Final Weeks

As Americans head to the polls today, a look back at the closing weeks of the race reveals that Barack Obama increasingly distanced himself from John McCain in the online race as the election neared. Weekly unique visitors to Obama’s website (graphed below) quickly rose from 540,000 at the start of August to an interim peak of 2.5 million during the week of the Democratic National Convention. The race narrowed

Palin's Short-lived Online Impact Dims McCain's Chances

As the presidential race enters its long-last homestretch this weekend, Barack Obama continues to leverage his online advantage to feed his campaign’s insatiable appetite for campaign contributions to fuel his massive advertising blitz (Exhibit A: last night’s nationwide infomercial). Compete’s most recent data on traffic to the candidates’ websites shows that attracted over 3 million unique visitors last week, compared to the 1.3 million that visited Absent an

Electoral Tea-Leaf Reading: Which States are Leading Online?

As Senators Barack Obama and John McCain crisscross the country in search of votes, clog the airwaves with advertisements, and tighten their seemingly iron grip in the popular media and blogosphere, it’s no surprise that Americans are paying increasing attention to the race. Compete’s latest data on traffic trends to the candidate’s websites shows Obama maintaining his 2 to 1 advantage online. Of course for all that’s made of national

Lipstick Happens: McCain's VP Pick Shakes up the Race, Online Too

Now this race is really getting interesting. The announcements in August of Senator Joe Biden and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as their party’s Vice Presidential candidates have defined the race over the last few weeks. After long trailing in national and battleground polls, fundraising and the all important buzz factor, McCain’s surprising choice served as both a shot in the arm for the GOP base and a punch to the

Forget Bush Fatigue, Obama Fatigue is Here (To Stay?)

Just when it seemed the ailing economy, soaring oil prices and a historically unpopular president would doom John McCain’s electoral aspirations, a funny thing happened while Barack Obama and his media entourage were taking last month’s overseas mid-summer victory lap: America seems to have tired a bit of Obama’s celebrity status, dulling, at least slightly, his glow of invulnerability. Now, with the recent Georgia/Russia conflict causing voters to rethink Obama’s

So Far, Hillary Supporters Haven't Boarded the Obama Express

Fueled by a 65% rebound in visitors to his website, Barack Obama recently reported raising a near record $52 million during the month of June. This haul represented a significant boost from the $22 million he raised in May when he was still in a heated battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. While the total is indeed staggering, less reported was a recent Washington Post analysis that found

Are Social Conservatives Starting to Fall in Line Behind John McCain?

Given the struggling economy, rampant Bush fatigue, and a host of other issues, any GOP candidate would seemingly have an insurmountable set of challenges to overcome this fall. John McCain’s task is even greater, in some respects, given that while he generally appeals to many moderates and independents, social conservatives (the traditionally large and influential wing of the party) have so far seen little to get excited about in his

YouTube: MTV On Demand

Spend a few minutes on YouTube, and it’s easy to find the videos most popular among users of the site. While looking at what viewers watched is indeed interesting, looking back a step to see what visitors to the site actually wanted to watch (evidenced by what they searched for), provides an unfiltered peek into users intentions for visiting the site. The list below shows the top 40 terms visitors

Compete on Fox Business: Discussing Campaign Finance

Barack Obama heads into the general election with several key advantages over John McCain, not the least of which is his campaign’s deep pockets and proven ability to raise millions at the drop of an email. Last week Obama reversed his position on public campaign financing, opting instead to go it alone. Yesterday I had the opportunity to discuss this and other issues surrounding the Obama campaign on the Fox