Matt Pace

Don’t delete those emails! Groupon needs you back.

Hyped as one of most anticipated IPOs of the year, Groupon has seen its stock price tumble since going public last month. Traffic to has also been on a steady decline over the past several months, largely as a result of Groupon dramatically slashing its online advertising spend. This past June at seemingly the height of the Groupon frenzy (or fad) the site’s traffic peaked at 33.7 million unique

Vineyard Vines Hopes You ‘Hoof It’ to the Stores After the Kentucky Derby

The final stretch of the Triple Crown is just around the bend. The Belmont Stakes takes place on June 11th, following some thrilling performances at the Preakness and Kentucky Derby. And one of those performances wasn’t even turned in by a horse; it was Vineyard Vines, which showed its championship marketing and advertising form during the Derby. For many, the Kentucky Derby is THE event to see and even more

A Merry Black Friday for the Big Retailers

Black Friday 2010 may go down as the year in which retailers finally jumped the shark in unending quest to convince deal-seekers to spend their precious shopping dollars on a myriad of “doorbusters”. Online shopping on Thanksgiving Day of course is nothing new, but several retailers, (Toysrus for example) this year opened their physical doors on the heretofore sacrosanct day of turkey itself! Is nothing holy? Judging at least from

Online Soap Purchasing Deserves a 2nd Look

If you’re like most people, the thought of ever purchasing everyday household essentials (such as soap, razors and diapers) online probably seems a bit silly and misguided.  How can it possibly make economic sense to pay to ship these heavy, bulky products without blowing your budget?

Walmart and Battle for Online Supremacy

The 2009 holiday shopping season is shaping up to be the battle of retail’s two titans:, the largest online retailer vs. Walmart, the world’s largest brick and mortar retailer.   For years, at least online, this has hardly been a contest, with Amazon leaving all rivals in its ever growing wake.  This year, however, Walmart has taken significant steps to compete head on with Amazon.

Alice Likely to Finally Convince Many to Purchase Everyday Products Online

After over a decade of caution, paired with a few false starts and missteps along the way, the world’s largest advertisers, namely consumer packaged goods manufacturers, are getting serious about selling their wares online. The makers of much of what fills the shelves of our nation’s grocery stores, drugstores and mass merchants are exploring new ways to use the web not just to promote their brands, but to finally sell

Amazon’s Kindle Ads Drive Interest, while Search Delivers Results

Amazon’s sheer size (65 million unique visitors in April) gives it a powerful soapbox from which it can pitch virtually anything to its captive audience. Many of the tens of millions of U.S. consumers that visit its homepage each month have undoubtedly noticed the site’s ongoing, fervent promotion of its popular Kindle ebook reader. Since the original Kindle launched in late 2007, Amazon has marketed Kindle almost without interruption on

eBay’s New Strategy: What Was Once Old is New Again

At web giant eBay, it’s out with the new and in with the old both in terms of corporate strategy and product mix. After trying in vain to remake itself as an online "retailer" of fixed-priced items to rival the likes of and Walmart, eBay last week cried uncle when it announced it was returning to its roots as an auction clearinghouse for used goods and collectables (in addition

Super Bowl Ad Effectiveness: Who Scored with Viewers?

At roughly $3 million a spot, this year’s crop of Super Bowl advertisers relied heavily on humor, feel-good messaging and timely promotions to stand out in this time of economic uncertainty. One measure of the cross-channel effectiveness of these advertisements is the degree to which they drove consumers to the brands’ websites on the day of the game. Here’s how Super Bowl advertisers ranked based on the change in Daily

Amazon Prime Squeezes Already Struggling Rivals

While the 2008 holiday shopping season brought considerable anguish to the retailing industry, was the standout exception. As rivals lick their wounds and look ahead to a challenging 2009, the retailing giant offered them a measure of salt recently by reporting the holidays were actually its "best ever." After posting huge losses throughout its formative years, Amazon long ago quieted cynics who predicted it would never earn a nickel.

Voters Flocked to last week as the Election Neared

A quick comparison of traffic trends to the Barack Obama and John McCain‘s websites in the closing weeks of the race shows a surge of support for Obama last week versus only a modest gain by McCain. For the week ended November 1st, nearly 4.9 million people visited Obama’s website, a 60% rise over the previous week, and twice the level Obama reached on the heels of his August convention