Matt McGlinn

Compete Product Update: Optimize Ecommerce with FastFocus

The Super Bowl has been won, Oscars have been handed out and (at least in the Northeast) we’ve survived Nemo – one of the largest winter storms of the century. It hasn’t been all fun, games, and shoveling here at Compete in the beginning of the year though.  A few weeks ago we released a brand new module for Compete PRO users, FastFocus, and we’re very excited about the level

Free Report: Online Over-the-Top Solutions Today

Image from: NetGem Download “Online Over-the-Top Solutions Today” today! This report will explore the growth in online Over-The-Top (OTT) solutions, looking at existing market players and the impact on telecom consumer behavior. As ownership of streaming enabled devices continues to grow, OTT consumption will rapidly increase. The growth in OTT viewing impacts many players, including networks (e.g.,, TV service providers (e.g, Comcast), and stand-alone OTT providers (e.g.,Netflix). From this free

Dish: Looking Beyond Wireless Spectrum

Image from: The Next Web AT&T Mobility needs more wireless spectrum.  There really is no mystery in that statement.  Last year, the telecom goliath couldn’t convince the Justice Department and the FCC that buying T-Mobile was an acquisition that, in the end, would benefit consumers.  The result?  A $4 Billion gift to T-Mobile in cash and spectrum rights for a failed deal along with increased pressure to find a partner

The Year of the Cloud

We weren’t three days into 2011 when the New Year was dubbed “The Year of the Tablet” by major press outlets (e.g. here and here). While this may turn out to be the case, we are perhaps just as likely to look back on the year in Technology & Entertainment and call 2011 “The Year of the Cloud” (and more specifically, “The Music Cloud”). Last week Apple joined heavy hitters

Thank you ESPN, for taking the World Cup seriously

It’s here.  And for a US soccer fan, it’s going to be even bigger than ever. For three years and 11 months, soccer fans in the United States live in relative obscurity.  Yes, we find each other at soccer friendly bars, read and comment on soccer-focused blogs and rise early on the weekends to watch our favorite European club matches; but for the most part, we fly well below the

XFINITY. Comcast without the baggage or something new?

On February 12th, 2010, Comcast launched a new brand name for its consumer wireline products, which include high-speed internet, television and landline phone service, dubbed: XFINITY.  Promoting "More Entertainment", "More Choices", "More Control", "More Speed", "More HD" and the promise to "transform your TV", XFINITY premiered in 11 markets where Comcast has completed infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the increases in bandwidth.\  Like many marketing launches, much of what is promised

What’s More Important to You: Bandwidth or TV?

So what’s going on in my house this month that’s forced this Bandwidth vs. TV question?  One word: Boxee.  I could write a whole post on Boxee (maybe next time) — the short story is that thanks to Boxee, I now have the ability to easily watch videos (Netflix, Hulu, CNN, BBC) through my living room television except my Internet connection can’t handle it.  As Captain Kirk would say, "We