Marko Madjarac

Soccer in the U.S.A is Here to Stay

Last week FIFA, the governing body of soccer, chose the host nations for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. In the months leading up to the decision, a handful of competing countries including the United States presented bids in an effort to win the votes of FIFA officials. After two-rounds of voting, Russia and Qatar emerged as the host countries for the 2018 and 2022 competitions respectively. It was a

Search still feeling the love in February

February seems to have brought with it an amplification of the current trends in the search space.  Overall query volume dropped 6.2% in February, but with 10% fewer days in the month, such a drop actually implies continued search growth overall. The major search engines continue their recent market share trend; Google capturing the lion’s share and steady, Bing continuing to gain ground while Yahoo! continues on its downward trend.

September Search Share: The Bing train keeps rolling but not at Google’s expense

Apparently all the kiddos heading back to school are not turning to search engines to do their homework. Overall September web search activity remained at seasonal lows with no strong indication of recovery. In September, online users submitted 200MM less queries than they did in August. The majority of this decline came from Yahoo! (serving 100 MM less queries in September than August or an 8% decline).

August Search Market Share: Google Still Volume Leader, but Consumers Taking Advantage of Bing Paid Links

Search Share Since its launch at the beginning of June, Microsoft’s Bing has been gaining traction in the search realm, and is proving itself to be a viable competitor to Yahoo! and Google. Bing has seen increase in its search volume for the past three months straight. Out of the "big five engines" Bing and AOL are the only ones who can make that claim. In terms of core search

July Search Market Share: Bing Continues to Gain Share but Paid Referrals Flatten Out

So now that we are two months into the Bing launch, where has the $100 million ad budget and loads of PR coverage gotten Microsoft? Well on many fronts Bing seems to winning a few hearts and minds but regarding the bottomline connections it’s a little less straight forward. Bing continued to build Microsoft’s search share, but paid search clicks didn’t grow at the same rate. Last month we told