Luke Simon

The awe inspiring joy of R/C helicopters (and other market insights)

Image from: Sergey Mironov / Shutterstock Have you ever thought how great it would be to have a remote controlled helicopter?  Sure you have.  I assume it’s the lifelong dream of every (wo)man-child across the globe, but, similar to the G.I. Joe/Barbie life-size electric toy cars, such items remained woefully out of reach during my youth.  I had long given up such juvenile thoughts, until a co-worker informed me that

When it Comes to a Sweater, Ugly is Better

The ugly sweater… a Christmas tradition as old as Saint Nicholas himself.  Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the fad of donning an ugly holiday-themed sweater at venues ranging from college parties to family gatherings (although maybe your Uncle Bill isn’t wearing that sweater ironically, but still) has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Now some naysayers might call into question such a drastically bold and controversial claim.  To

The Catalog Conundrum: Seasonal Versus Yearly Mailers

I remember as a child pondering the question of at what point does one become a “grown up”. Now that I am approaching my mid-twenties I can take a stab at answering. It happened to me when I realized that whenever I entered any major department store I was drawn to the kitchen section. I no longer went directly to the electronics, music, or video sections. Instead I found myself