Lindsay Steinbach

The Growing Value of Dollar Stores Online

Image from: Dollar Store Image / Shutterstock Shoppers may not associate dollar stores with ecommerce, as the cost of shipping is likely to exceed the price of most items sold in these stores. However, traffic to dollar store sites has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and more shoppers are turning to the web for increased value. The three main players in the space, Dollar General, Family Dollar,

A Mild Winter Brings Fewer Searches

Image from: ghido / Shutterstock For most parts of the country, this winter has been relatively snow-free.  Here in Boston, we only had 6.8 inches of snow this January—compared to a whopping 60.8 inches last year. Many people are enjoying the break from harsh winter weather, happy to leave their heavy coats and boots at home. However, others are bemoaning the lack of snow, waiting for that one storm that

Barbies, Legos, and Tablets: Top Toys of 2011

Image from: zuender/Shutterstock As we enter the final days of November, children everywhere are finalizing their lists for the upcoming holiday season. I remember poring over catalogs and memorizing commercials as I decided what toys I had to have that year. These days, children not only use catalogs and TV for inspiration, but they can supplement their research with the Internet. I decided to take a look at our Compete

The State of Online Retail

This webinar and accompanying whitepaper provide an overview of online retail trends that have occurred during Q2 2011. We combined Compete’s behavioral data with our Online Shopper Intelligence survey to understand how shoppers are navigating the world of e-commerce. We looked at overarching industry trends of site traffic and conversion rates to evaluate consumer behavior and changes from last year. We also delved deeper into the following topics: – The

It’s 10PM; do you know where your shoppers are?

One of the many reasons people love online shopping is the freedom to place orders anytime, anywhere. We’ve all bought a pair of shoes at 3AM once, right? (Maybe that’s just me.) I was curious to see how many people actually are shopping in the wee hours of the night, and what times of day are most popular for e-commerce.  I broke down the day into one-hour segments, and looked

Holiday Toy Story–The Sequel

We wanted to follow up on our previous blog that highlighted the top 5 searched toys on ToyRUs this holiday season and look at where searchers went after they searched for these terms on the web. Top Site Visited Post Search – (10/10-11/27) Four out of five top destinations were intuitive to us, though we were surprised at Youtube being the #1 referred site for Nerf. Hasbro, the Nerf manufacturer

Shoppers turn to the web for Black Friday deals

As Thanksgiving grows closer, so does the official launch to the holiday shopping frenzy. Retailers open their doors as early as midnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving, offering massive deals and discounts. This day, also known as Black Friday, has become the unofficial start to the season of shopping. According to Compete data, consumers are increasingly turning to the web to find the best places to shop on Black Friday.

Do You Groupon?

In recent months, I’ve noticed the term "groupon" creeping into conversations with increasing regularity. The term comes from, a website devoted to offering a new deal each day and built around the tagline of "collective buying power." The site is targeted to various cities across the country, and each day features a steep discount at a local establishment. In order for the groupon to be activated for that day,

Zhu-Zhu Pets: 2009’s Hottest Toy for the Holidays

Every holiday season, the retail world eagerly anticipates that year’s "it toy," the one item that sends parents on fruitless searches to every toy store in a 30-mile radius. This year, the winner appears to be the Zhu-Zhu Pet. These small, robotic hamsters have earned the top spot on many children’s lists and are being sold out across the country. With not enough Zhu-Zhu Pets to meet the demand, many

Back-to-School Shoppers Hit Web Early

As a child, I remember the final weeks of summer meant only one thing: the first day of school was near. Students across the country will soon be forced to say goodbye to their carefree days of summer and return to the classroom. While children typically dread this time of the year, parents may be anxious for an entirely different reason: the expenses of back-to-school shopping. In these tough economic