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Is Midway's Traffic Migrating to the Competition?

While not one the more nationally recognized outdoor sporting retailers like Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops, one of the Midwest’s most popular outdoor online retailers is Midway USA, based in Missouri.  Family owned and operated it’s certainly smaller scale, and while it does compete with the larger brands, Midway’s number one competitor is Brownells, an Iowa based company.  When looking at some basic metrics is easy to see Midway is

People will still buy GM cars: Fact or Fiction?

No matter the resolution to the current state of the auto industry, the impact of a bailout on car buying behavior is much debated. Clearly people are concerned based on the traffic to gmfactsandfiction.com. With nearly 180,000 unique visitors in November; a 3000%+ increase over October. How are people finding out about this site? In the chart below we can see that 3 of the top 10 sites referring people

Winter Sales Event: No Clear Winner

We know it’s that time of year when we first see it; a Lexus wrapped in a huge red bow could only mean one thing. Lexus’s annual December to Remember sales event is certainly the most recognizable holiday/winter sales event by any measure. But, while the most recognizable, it’s no longer the only one of its kind out there. Traditionally, December is the number one vehicle sales month of the

Diesel – The German Hybrid

Taking a look at BMW and Mercedes-Benz’s US based websites (bmwusa.com and mbusa.com respectively) and it’s easy to see that both are featuring their new diesels front and center. The Benz’s are currently on sale in the US with Beemer’s soon to come. Both vehicles are impressive with fast 0-60 times, more torque than their gasoline counterparts and of course, better fuel economy; both claim nearly 600 miles on just

Want My Lease? Here, Have It!

Type in "transfer lease" or "trade lease" into any search engine and two sites come up as the most prevalent: leasetrader.com and swapalease.com. These sites have become more commonplace as people struggle in the tough economic times to bail out of their pricey leases. Without such companies, individuals are forced to either pay off the entire contract balance or enter upside down into a new vehicle based on the unpaid

Increase the VW Routan Boom – Keyword Phrase "Brooke Shields"

Commercials for the new Volkswagen Routan starring Brooke Shields began hitting the airwaves in mid-September and peaked this past weekend, according to TNS Adscope. I don’t know about you, but I spent many hours in front of the TV with the Red Sox playing every day except Sunday, with the Patriots filling that gap, and I certainly had had enough of this commercial by the end of Monday night’s game.

Happy Birthday GM! Your Present? Volt's Apparent Success!

Everyone is sick of hearing about gas prices, but the truth is that the rise in gas prices has had a significant impact on the automotive industry as a whole. Some manufacturers have cut or stopped production altogether, while others have delayed new vehicle launches, closed plants, and placed historically high amounts of cash on the hood, all in an effort to avoid total destruction. In an attempt to survive,

Vehicle Website Shopping Tools – A Predictor of Sales

Vehicle purchasers are twice as likely to visit one of the four key shopping tools on a manufacturer’s website as the typical internet browser! It’s easy to see why key shopping tools would have such a close tie-in with sales. They are the proverbial lower-funnel purchasing steps; if you’re looking for a quote or researching a nearby dealer, then you’re definitely serious about buying. But if you’re browsing the photo

What's Next"¦ An F-150 for Free???

Well we all know the rise in gas prices is not new news. The price per barrel of crude oil is the leading story in virtually every daily publication. $120, $125, $130, $136 (a record) are all numbers we are unfortunately far too familiar with these days. With these prices translating to roughly $4/gallon at the pump not only are consumers taking a hit but so are the leading pickup

Pickup Trucks: OEMs! Where are you?

Yesterday, a colleague of mine was searching keyword results on Compete.com and came across an interesting, albeit surprising finding. When searching for the keywords "pickup trucks" not one OEM appeared in the top 25 destination sites. That means that Ford, Chevy, GMC or any of the other more recent additions to this market, were not top destination sites for people searching for pickup trucks. So what’s the deal? Based on

A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Buick Captures the PGA

For all of the golf enthusiasts out there, particularly in New England, nothing gets the blood pumping like warmer temps, melting snow and green grass. Another "unofficial" season kick-off is upon us as well — The Masters — with first round coverage beginning April 10th. For me and my group of golfing buddies this tournament has always been a great motivator for getting over the winter doldrums. Also, if you’re