Lauren Moores

If Clicks Were Votes, the New Hampshire Primary Winners Are"¦ (or as goes the swines, so go the moose)

Sitting at home over the holidays, working a bit, and watching television, I was inundated with New Hampshire presidential candidate ads. Already? With the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd and New Hampshire 5 days later on the 8th, my immediate question was, "What does our panel data say about these two events and what predictions can I make?" I looked at 5 consecutive days of consumer internet behavior, immediately prior

For the Love of Dog! Er… Cat!

Remember how your best friend went out to buy a dog just so he could get more attention and more dates? What better way to meet people? Forget walking the dog 10 times just to see the hot blond down the street – instead, create a profile for your dog on! One of the fastest growing pet sites and"¦ who knew?.. a competitor (albeit small) in the cluttered social

What's the gayest site on the web?

A colleague of mine asked "˜what is the gayest site on the web?’ With June being Gay Pride month throughout the US and the World, I thought it was a valid question. Apparently I have the street cred to answer this question without being a poser, but I didn’t know a lot about the top LGBT sites, so I jumped into the Compete data to explore. The sites I reviewed

Kids Toy Crazes Go Virtual

A few weeks ago, my kids and I were talking about Webkinz, one of the latest kid crazes that take collecting beanie babies up a level, and it sparked my curiousity about how they are performing online. Webkinz are brought to us by Ganz, a privately held company started in 1950. Like beanie babies before them, Webkinz are limited, hard to find and quickly becoming the toy to give and

The perfect chance to be someone else"¦

It’s that time of year again. Halloween! One of the most popular commercial holidays in the United States. Americans spend over $7B on Halloween per year, buying decorations, food, tricks, treats and of course, costumes! We all have memories of our most favorite costume we ever wore for Halloween (even if it wasn’t wearing a costume"¦)! My favorite that someone else wore once was a fuzzy orange monster. I was

You're The Man Now, Dog

I read about it. I went to the site. But I still didn’t get it. Even after clicking on a few links! Duh. I didn’t have my sound on or my earphones in my ears. You cannot appreciate unless you have sound and a good video card! Check out the content. With over 600K people visiting the site in July, ranked in the top 3000 sites, many others have

American Idol

With an increase in people checking out American Idol during the latter days of July and new days of August, you have to wonder, what is up? Was it due to the "˜last chance!’ — only a few days are left to see Taylor and Kat’s performances? Umm"¦I don’t think so! The gain in traffic, week to week, with over 400,000 monthly visitors, came from none other than "¦ audition


Besides finding out where to find the nearest local store (for those in the hinterlands) or possibly, ordering coffee online (again, for those in the hinterlands), I would think that the people visits for is not going to land it in the top 50 sites for the month. In fact, about 728K people visited this site in June, ranking it near the 2200th most popular site"¦ but I expect


Taking advantage of our fears of chunkiness from holiday and new year festivities, TheBiggestLoserClub , drove more traffic to its site through their “free diet profile” promotion and the anticipation of a new Loser season. With an increase of 103%, close to 400,000 weight-conscious, resolute visitors cruised the site to check on membership and the latest on Join the club by submitting your diet and exercise habits, receive meal plans