Kyle Johnson

Old Spice’s Mano A Mano En El Bano: What Happens In The Bathroom Stays In The Bathroom

Image from: Old Spice / Shutterstock Old Spice and agency Wieden+Kennedy yesterday  finally delivered the punch line set up by their recent dalliance with B-list hunk Fabio, whom they recently set up as “The New Old Spice Guy.”  On Monday, Fabio challenged “the Old Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa to an “Internets duel.”  Mustafa accepted on the same day, ending a hiatus from said Internets that had many fans worried

Webinar Replay- Three Gaps In Your Ad Data: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Current web analytic tools provide great information about your advertising campaigns, but can you see everything you need to see?  What part of the picture are you missing? In this webinar, presented by me and Damian Roskill, we’ll explore how panel-based measurement can complete and augment your evaluation of your online advertising. In this webinar, we address the following topic areas: How to get a more accurate picture of basic

How Advertisers Can Find Their Target Markets with Compete’s New Media Planner

We’ve been busy in the Media Products group here at Compete. In addition to launching Ad R/F™, we also got to announce our new Compete Media Planner (CMP). All in one day! CMP lets advertisers, advertisers’ agencies, and advertising publishers pick, mix and match from a library of 4,000 segments to target and scores websites according to a) how much of the target each site covers – a.k.a. reach –

Dynamic Logic

A quick shout-out"¦. All marketers and advertisers really should check out this blog post by Ken Mallon, who is SVP for Custom Solutions and Ad Effectiveness Consulting at our partner company Dynamic Logic. I was privileged to share a stage with Ken at the Digital CMO Summit, hosted by Compete in Miami earlier this month.  During our session, Ken referenced the earlier blog post, which presents compelling evidence that "direct

Is that any way to make an impression?

"Click fraud" is something we all know to be on guard against, thanks to investigation and reporting that’s extended even into mainstream news.  Based on recent research, we’d encourage advertisers and agencies to be on the lookout for impressions, too, that aren’t 100% genuine.  And we’d urge publishers to work on eliminating "˜bad’ impressions before they create a new round of headaches for all the people who are trying to

Four Reasons Marketers Need a Panel to do Attribution Modeling

There’s a lot of buzz about "attribution modeling" in the online media world right now.  There’s also a lot of confusion about what it is, how to do it, and what it’s worth.  If we can make one small and succinctly stated contribution to the discussion of "˜how’, it’s this: having access to an online panel makes it a heck of a lot easier to do it well. For context,

Getting good behavior from your ad network

Media planners dwell in a quandary: the efficiencies presented by ad networks and the effectiveness promised by behavioral targeting make perfect sense, but there are hundreds of players in this space and differentiating between them can be difficult.  How good is their inventory?  How good is their targeting?  How can you know — in advance or even after a campaign — whether you’ve made the best choice?

A look under the hood of Ad Impact

Because many of our Ad Impact clients ask “How does Compete see ads?” or “What is it you see?” we decided to answer those questions in this forum with a peek “under the hood.”Â  The “hood” in this case isn’t the one covering our servers or software or algorithms, but the one that covers the big, brilliant Internet itself. If you’re not 100% confident in your understanding of how Web

The Myth of Advertising Decay

Sometimes, it seems like omniscience.  With our Ad Impact product, we’re able to measure the impact of advertising exposure on online behavior.  Did an ad lead to more visits, searches, sales?  The answer rests comfortably in Compete’s data.  This gives us an enviable perspective on how (and whether!) specific ads and ad strategies work. But of course, it takes work and experience to turn data and information into intelligence and

Ads That Reject The Click

Is online advertising a good vehicle for reaching brand advertising goals?  Judged by their actions, more and more advertisers are voting "yes."Â  During the past several months, we’ve observed a gradual but decisive stride from an ambivalent stance toward a full embrace of online media as a branding tool. This past week, we witnessed a Ford display campaign that to us represented a noteworthy waypoint in the development of online

Are Dynamic Ads More Effective?

At Compete we’ve recently been digging deeper into online ads. Like our clients, we’ve noticed that banner ads often don’t "click through" like they used to, and we’ve watched the recent outburst in new ad types and are eager to discover which of them will perform best. As if to aid us in our quest, Toyota recently ran two similar but slightly different ads for its new Venza, enabling a