Parts is Parts… Or Is It $Opportunity$ for Struggling OEMs?

While new vehicle sales continue to plunge, OEMs must look for other avenues to recover their losses. Could the parts and service divisions be the answer? In part, yes. Shoppers are looking for their next new vehicle less according to Compete’s monthly "in-market shopper" metrics (down 15% from April last year, not shown), but evidently, are researching parts more. Compete analyzed the number of prospects researching for automotive parts and

Can Going Green Include Your Choice of Automobiles?

How green are you? My personal answer to that question is, not very. I took the "Green IQ" test on and scored 23 out of 100. I guess simply changing to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances are considered baby steps. I really need to start leaving my V8 in the garage and start walking or pedaling to the grocery story with my eco-friendly reusable grocery bags in tow"¦or"¦.perhaps

Chrysler Makes Changes, Eyes the "Next 100 Years"

Are consumers ready for the next 100 years? Perhaps, but it seems that Chrysler is. In very short order, Chrysler managed to become privately owned, recaptured its Pentastar image under the new "Chrysler LLC", launched an all-new Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and surprised the industry with the announcement of its new "non-automotive" leadership. Initial consumer reaction was captured by Compete in its Velocity metric that measures change in daily attention. Velocity