Kevin Malone

Digging for a Deal: Today’s Air Travel Environment Means High Flying for Aggregator Sites

Recent data released by American Express Business Travel reports that the average price paid for a flight during Q4 2010 was up 7% versus the same time period last year. Ask the airlines, and they’ll tell you this is due in near entirety to rising operational costs, specifically the price of oil. And with crude prices increasing an additional 21% during Q1, it’s no surprise that ticket prices continue to

American’s GDS Gamble

Image from: Travel / Shutterstock Collectively, the airline industry is posting record profits in 2010, but at least one major player thinks it can do better.  Its contracts with a number of key distribution partners coming due, American Airlines chose December 2010 to start a now heated battle with back-end global distribution systems (GDS) and consumer-facing online travel agencies (OTAs) that could decide the future economics of selling airfare online.

Spirit: The Airline America Loves to Hate

Spirit Airlines – America’s first “ultra-low-cost-carrier” – has had an eventful 2010. Already notorious for its questionable ad campaigns and aggressive monetization strategies, the airline has recently pushed the boundaries in both arenas, and in turn faced seemingly constant and harsh public criticism. So why, amidst all of this, do we believe this just may be Spirit’s finest hour? By tapping into the clickstream activity of its two million person