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The Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk Round II: Generating Ad Revenue from Stolen Content

Image from: The Oatmeal Last year, we wrote about two humor sites: The Oatmeal and FunnyJunk. At the time, Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal posted a comic explaining that FunnyJunk had been hosting many stolen comics from across the web, and profiting off of them through advertising revenue. We noticed that as of last year, content creators like The Oatmeal, were receiving significantly fewer unique visitors than content-aggregating sites like FunnyJunk. Fast

Fans Live Stream NBA Playoffs, ESPN Sees Boost In Traffic

Image from: Tumblr The NBA playoffs is a pretty sore subject around the office right now, at least among Celtics fans. Losing to the Heat in Game 7 last Saturday definitely stung, but feelings aside I thought it would be interesting to take another look into how the Playoffs were impacting traffic online. Last time, we looked at search referrals to to see which teams were driving the most traffic. Since

Spring vs Summer Fashion: Which Sites Are Most Popular

Image from: Elle Back in March, I wrote about the most popular destinations for information on spring fashion trends. Fashion magazines like Glamour, Marie Claie, Esquire and Elle topped the list of popular sites people navigated to after searching for “spring fashion 2012.” I thought it would be interesting to do a similar search, this time for “summer fashion 2012” to see if the same sites we popular for summer

Sunday Series – Music Top Movers

Image from: Music Image / Shutterstock For this week’s installation of our Sunday Series, we have 10 websites that saw big increases in monthly Unique Visitors during the month of April from the “Music” category.

The Weekly Pulse

This week our Weekly Pulse has a social theme, starting with an article posted by Digiday that tried to decrease the importance of social media ROI; they assert that we shouldn’t “trade short-term ROI for long-term value.” Do you think determine social media ROI is still important? Do you know what not to post on your brand’s Facebook page? Check out Mashable’s list of 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

Did Sephora’s 15 Days of Thrills Increase Traffic?

Image from: daniel4d Beauty junkies beware: Sephora’s got a brand new website and has just wrapped up a killer campaign to show it off. Back in April, Sephora completely redesigned their website, and although traffic slightly decreased in April due to mixed reviews from visitors, Gizmodo proclaimes their new site to have the best-organized search for beauty products on the web. Sephora’s new site is a force to be reckoned

Bitly Alternatives – Which Are Most The Popular?

Image from: Last week, link shortening service Bitly announced a slew of changes to their service; They launched “bitmarks,” w a way to bookmark links, a brand new iPhone app as well as a completely redesigned site. However, some of Bitly’s users haven’t been thrilled with the site’s update, so The New Web put together a list of 9 alternatives to Bitly to fulfill all of your link shortening

Three (More) Fundamentals of Website Analytics

Image from: Analytics Image / Shutterstock According to Tej Kohli of Grafix Softech, website analytics are often an untapped resource for companies trying to ramp up their marketing efforts. In his Marketing Profs post, Focus on the Five Fundamentals of Website Analytics, Kohli describes five “marketing fundamentals” that he says every business should focus on. Here are three more fundamentals of website analytics that I think are critical to marketing success. 1. Know

Sunday Series: Sports Betting Top Movers

Image from: Sports Betting Image / Shutterstock This week our Sunday Series features 10 sports betting websites from our gambling category that saw rapid month-over-month growth in unique visitors.

The Weekly Pulse

There has been lots of talk about Pinterest and its competitors this week. For instance, The Fancy announced that they will be diving into the world of mobile commerce with an update to their iOS app that allows users to purchase things directly from the app. Similarly, The Verge writes about why Pinterest rival Wists failed to become the next big social network. Do you know the keys to affiliate

Can Peer Pressure Force You To Exercise?

Image from: Running Image / Shutterstock Right about now, I really have no excuse not to go for a run outside. It is a beautiful day, perfect for running, and with summer approaching I should be preparing to be in a bathing suit. Coincidentally, Mashable published an article today about social fitness apps and questioned whether the social aspect of these websites and apps will make users more likely to exercise. In