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Can Tiffany & Co. Cash In on the Instagram Craze?

Image from: Tiffany & Co. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Wrong. This past January we learned that Tiffany and Co.’s stock declined 10%, marking the steepest drop in more than 3 years, citing a “weakness” in spending from U.S. customers.  And it’s not surprising; since the recession luxury brands have taken a hit as consumers spend more frugally. So, how can Tiffany’s pick up the slack? Earlier this

Are We There Yet? Searching for an Online Road Trip Planner

Image from: Road Trip Image / Shutterstock As summer approaches, families all over the country are gearing up for one thing…road trips! Gone are the days of big physical maps, as most people use online planners, GPS’s and smart phones to plan their trips. To see which road trip planner is most popular, I did a keyword search for “road trip” on, which leveraged Compete’s industry-leading panel and patented normalization technology.

Sunday Series: Home Improvement Top Movers

Image from: Home Improvement Image / Shutterstock Our Sunday Series this week features top movers in the home improvement category. These sites experienced a big increase in unique visitors month-over-month.

The Weekly Pulse

We all know what happens when a user-generated campaign goes awry (see: #McDstories), so helpfully Mashable compiled a list of 3 user-generated campaigns that got it right. What do you think makes a good UGC? Do you know social media marketing’s biggest myths? Digiday published an article this week as part of The Social Operating System that includes opinions on social media from agency executives. Kevin Gibbons from Search Engine

Sunday Series – Fashion and Style

Image from: Handbag Image / Shutterstock For our Sunday Series this week we have featured 10 websites with a large monthly increase in unique visitors from the Fashion and Style category.

The Weekly Pulse

We’ve talked a lot about gamification, and as such we were interested in Mashable’s list of 6 ways to gamify your Facebook marketing. The post describes your Facebook fans’ engagement as a funnel; they say “At the top, there’s the simplest social action they can take — usually liking your page. At the bottom are complex actions like buy, subscribe or refer others.” Check out their post to see what

Have Man Candles Caught On? A Look Back Into Yankee Candle’s Demographics

Image from: Yankee Candle Last month, we wrote about Yankee Candle’s new line of candles of men, appropriately named “Man Candles.” Although the new scents released in the line, like “2×4” and “Riding Mower” definitely seemed manly to me, I wondered whether Yankee Candle would be able to get more men interested in burning candles. Well, the numbers are in and I am surprised to say it appears as though this campaign

Making Marketing History? Burberry Tweets Thank You GIFs

Image from: favim In honor of hitting 1 million Twitter followers, luxury brand Burberry sent out approximately 3,000 thank you GIFs to fans last Monday. The thank you e-cards were personalized with followers’ names and were tweeted at them directly. While this certainly seems like a nice sentiment, and given that Friday was the GIF’s 25th Birthday, I wanted to determine what impact these tweets had. In order to try and measure the

Sunday Series – Performing Arts

Image from: Performing Arts Image / Shutterstock For our Sunday Series this week, we have 10 websites with a big monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Performing Arts/Festivals/Venues category. Enjoy!

The Weekly Pulse

Did you know that almost 25% of retailers’ emails never reach the inbox? Boston Innovation writes about a recent email study and questions whether email marketing is dead (or at least losing effectiveness). How did your last email marketing campaign go? Who are the real online influencers? According to Mashable’s latest infographic, people are more influenced by people they actually know, rather than brands or celebrities. Lots of time is

May 2012 Fast Movers

Image from: Flowers Image / Shutterstock Below are 10 websites with a large month-over-month increase in Unique Visitors for May 2012. Mother’s Day appears to have made a big impact, as the top 3 sites are for flowers.