Jessica Davidson

Thank You ZocDoc: Insights Gained from a Sore Throat

Image from: First Aid Image / Shutterstock Nothing pleasant ever results from getting sick (except, or course, if you’re not really sick on one of those ‘sick days’) but recently my sore throat brought me to an unexpected cure: It’s been named the OpenTable for the medical community, where with a few keystrokes users can access doctors, dentists, and appointments in their cities based on insurance type and reviews

Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Tracking Titanic Traffic Online

Image from: FanPop Titanic madness is sweeping nations near and far everywhere, and as with any social media hype, the effects can be felt across the World Wide Web.  Who knew 100 years later millions of young and old women (hey, maybe even some men) would be lusting over Leonardo DiCaprio playing a drool-worthy (and completely made up) Jack Dawson in 3 dimensional space?!? Along with the movie release, every

Mega Millions Mania: Dreamers Seek the Internet

Image from: Lottery Ticket Image / Shutterstock Hey, it could have happened. It was a pleasant Friday dream. Now, back to the dullness of a regular-salary, four cups of coffee-or-else Monday morning, and I’m stuck writing this blog post. The know-it-alls, professionally known as statisticians, weren’t lying after all. Winning the world record $640 million jackpot is less probable than setting your own world record.  According to the LA Times,