Jeremy Crane

July Search Market Share: Growth Continues for MSN

Funny story "¦ last month I was traipsing around the Caribbean on vacation when it was time to post the monthly search market share numbers. I asked if Steve Willis would cover the post for me. Let the truth be told, Steve is the real expert when it comes to our search data. Anyway, I figured last month would be the same old story. I had no idea that this

Your Searches Are Worth Billions

Over the past few months there’s been a huge amount of consolidation in the online advertising world. Google acquiring Double Click (or at least trying to) for $3 billion and Microsoft acquiring aQuantive for $6 billion were the two biggest examples of this consolidation in the past few months. There are a lot of smart people coming down on both sides of the fence as to whether these are good

Searchonomics Conference: Compete will be there, will you?

All the big names in Search will be in Santa Clara on June 27 at the Searchonomics Conference. Speakers from Google, Yahoo!, AOL and many more will be presenting the latest on all areas of Search and Compete will be joining them. We will be moderating a panel discussion with representatives from Red Brick Media, TMP Worldwide, and PronetAdvertising, focusing on social networking and user generated content and how they

May Search Market Share: Google, Live, and Ask all up

May brought more of the same for Google. With monthly search volumes among US consumers up 2.6% on Google, the search giant gained another point in market share. Interestingly enough however, most of these gains appear to have come from the smaller "tier two engines." Among the other top-4 players only Yahoo! saw a monthly decline in search volume and that was relatively minor. Yahoo! market share dipped slightly to

April Search Market Share: Yahoo! Gains, Outpaces Google

No one likes a one horse race. So with that in mind I’m pleased to report that in April, according to Compete data, Yahoo! search share increased a little over half a point as a result of 5% month-over-month gain in total US consumer query volume. Unfortunately Yahoo! has a long way to go to get back to year ago levels of market share. Of course Google didn’t exactly sit

Enough about the big boys of search, what about everyone else?

If you’re like us, it gets a little old reading and writing about the same thing over and over again. How many times have we read some variation of "Google is up" in the past few years? We decided that it was high time we took a little break from that broken record and dug a little deeper. There’s a whole world of search out there beyond Google, Yahoo!, Live,

March Market Share: Two-Thirds of the US Online Population Is Using Google

After last month’s market share release Danny Sullivan was kind enough to reach out to us and asked us a few questions about our search numbers. As a result we did some digging into the numbers and have improved our market share assessments. Anyone out there who’s been watching search for a few years is likely familiar with "The Google Dance." Well no worries, we don’t plan to make our

Fallen Idols, Basketball, and a Crazy Looking Tourist Trap in the Search Terms

As always, a look at top search terms in March has provided some interesting results. Myspace and it’s variants occupied 5 of the top-20 slots along with other web goliath’s Google, eBay, Yahoo!, and Craigslist. Leave it to the US online searching public to push none other than Antonella Barba into the top-20 in March. I’m not sure whether I should feel bad for the poor girl or not. One

Yahoo Velocity: Not all is dire in the land of Yahoo!

Yahoo has been the target of a lot of critics over the past year or so for not living up to its potential. The number of people calling for the ouster of Terry Semel is getting tough to keep track of. More often than not the criticism is generally framed with a comparison to Google’s performance. People often punctuate this argument with Yahoo not acquiring Google when they had the

February Search Market Share: Live Search is on the move

In last month’s search market share report I mentioned that a lot of people, present company included, were eagerly awaiting the results of Microsoft’s recent consumer launch of Vista. Specifically, many anticipate Vista to re-ignite its presence in Search. Microsoft’s move to set Live Search as the default engine within Vista could be the long awaited answer to Microsoft’s struggles in the space. The Compete numbers are in, and so

January Search Market Share: Tough Start to the Year for Most

Ask and you shall receive. Over the past few months we’ve read a number of requests for a bit more detail on our market share releases. For the past weeks some of the best and brightest at Compete have been locked up in the basement (actually we’re on the top floor of our building but you get the idea) to bring you our new and improved search market reporting. We