Jeremy Crane

February Search Market Share: Google hits LXX as Microhoo gets boring

February is a critical time of the year for me personally. I have a lot on the line. Not only is February the month when Saint Valentine, the patron saint of Hallmark comes around, but it also happens to be the month of my wife’s birthday, and my mother’s birthday. Ouch! That is a lot of opportunity for trips to the dog house to come my way. Fortunately, I made

January 2008 Search Market Share: Google Who?

Unless you were sleeping under a rock you probably heard the big search news last week and I’m not talking about Google posting record search numbers again in January. It’s hard to look at the potentially merger of Yahoo! and Microsoft in the vacuum of search. The impact on the display advertising space is far more substantial but I would definitely be remiss not to mention a few points of

Less Than Perfect But Still Lots to Learn

The end of the Super Bowl brought broken hearts to New England and elation to New York (and many other places). But it also brings the competition for some of the world’s biggest brands to capitalize on the record-setting price they paid for Super Bowl commercials. With prices reaching up to $3 million for a 30-second spot, which advertisers got the most for their money by connecting their ads to

December 2007 Search Market Share: Status quo even after some minor adjustments

Back in November you may recall we saw a pretty substantial uptick in the overall volume of searches being performed in the market. It appears that holiday driven growth slowed in December as the overall volume of searches in the marketplace was essentially unchanged in December. The US online population posted roughly 8.2 billion search queries in the final month of 2007. In general the status quo seen in the

November 2007 Search Market Share: The Market, Google, and Yahoo! All Break Search Records?

If there was any doubt that search is still on the rise November should put that to rest. November brought us a number of firsts in the search world. Overall the US online population posted a new record for the number search queries performed on the top engines with over 8.1 billion. That’s roughly 48 monthly searches per person on average! And it’s 12 more (+34%) monthly searches than the

October 2007 Search Market Share: Is taking shots at the big guy working for Ask?

I’m not sure if this is consistent in every market, but here in Boston, IAC has been beating the Ask advertising drum like crazy. It seems like everywhere I turn the channel these days I come across the latest "Can your search engine do this?" campaign. The media spend numbers aren’t available yet, but my guess is IAC spent a bundle in October taking a not so subtle knock at

So who's doing all this searching anyway?

For the past few weeks I’ve been peeling back the layers on the search onion to understand a few questions. How effective are each of the engines? How do people use search? Who is using search? I’ve shared a few tidbits of these musings on the blog including a post on "search fulfillment" that raised a few hackles and more recently a post on "navigational search." In the interest of

How do I get to

A few weeks ago I pulled together a quick post that I didn’t think was going to make much of a splash. As it turned out my quick and dirty analysis on "search fulfillment" got a lot of people thinking and asking questions. All those great questions sparked some additional thoughts. The main question that came to mind is specifically how the top search engines differ with respect to how

September Search Market Share: Back to School Lifts Search Volume

I have mixed feelings when September rolls around every year. On the one hand, New England weather in September simply can’t be beat. On the other hand, every year in September I get these weird butterflies feeling in my stomach and a mild depression. I haven’t "gone back to school" in a long time (let’s just say my 10 year college reunion isn’t even in the rear view mirror anymore).

Search Fulfillment: Yahoo! is best of breed

Every month I write about market share and inevitably the story tends to remain the same "¦ Google big and growing. An interesting data point got me thinking recently. According to Compete data there are roughly 7.5 billion search queries performed every month by the US Online Population. However there are only about 5 billion search referrals every month. This means that roughly 1/3 of all searches in some sense

August Search Market Share: Back to Status Quo

Just when you think the search market share game is getting exciting, in creeps the status quo. You may recall from June and July that MSN/Live was starting to shake things up quite a bit. MSN’s Club.Live campaign actually seemed to be moving the needle for Live search market share even when you excluded Club.Live searches. Well I’m a little disappointed to say that in August it appears that Club.Live