Jeremy Crane

November Search Market Share Update: Not quite the usual story

November is an odd time of the year.  In much of the US it’s starting to get cold and dreary, there tends to be more rain at least in the New England area, and the real cold weather is right around the corner.  November brought us odd times in search as well, with Halloween costume decisions far behind and no need to search for the Turkey recipe since mom always

Behold the Power of

What would you give for one day of Google eyeballs? What would it be worth to you to have one single ad running on Google’s oh so sparse and much hailed homepage? My guess, that for better or worse, many an online marketing department would be more than happy to open up the purse strings for a shot at this opportunity. Funny thing happened back in late October. The first

September Search Market Share: Query Volume Leaps on Back-to-School and Economic Concerns, Google Leads Growth

Ah, September. When leaves begin to turn, school kids doff their backpacks, the economy tanks and Google sets a new record for search market share and hits the 2nd greatest month/month query volume growth in the past 13 months. Interestingly, most of the other search engines also grew query volume, demonstrating the magnitude of students and concerned investors returning to their web browsers. MSN/Live was the only search engine that

August Search Market Share Update: Rivals Cede to Google's Lead

From the Beijing Olympic Games to war on Russia’s doorstep to the DNC Convention and Hurricane Gustav, 2008 livened up the dog days of August and, not to be undone, Search followed suit. Google set a new record in August, gaining query volume and market share again as rival engines struggled. All rivals ceded market share to Google, and Club Live deepened the dip at Windows Live. (Note that these

July Search Market Share Update: Everyone Dips But Google

Things move a little slower in the summer. Right? Well that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway with our search share numbers being published a bit later in the month than we typically like to get them in your hands. Oh well better late than never. July turned out to be a return to the norm with everyone losing share to Google. With the exception of the Club Live enhanced Windows

June Search Market Share Update: Windows Live Search Marketing Kicks In

No matter what the pundits say, the new Microsoft Cashback program along with some continued efforts on other marketing programs such as Club Live seem to have worked in June. MSN/Live search was the only major engine in June to post higher volumes of search queries. Everyone else, including the big dog Google, saw a decline. This seems even more impressive when you put this in the context of the

May Search Market Share Update: Crowd Sourcing Works!

See I told you we wouldn’t stop! As it turns out people are paying attention to this search share stuff. On Monday we released our May Search Share numbers. As a result of some conversations we were having with Danny Sullivan in parallel we sent over our "rules" we use to mine the search data. Danny threw these up on his post reviewing our data and one savvy reader very

May Search Market Share: Nothing But Google

Update: We just posted new search market share data. Read about it! When is Compete going to stop adjusting their search market share methodology? To be perfectly honest "¦ never. It’s what we do, analyze our data and strive to bring you the most accurate perspective on what consumers are doing online. Improvement sometimes means change"¦ for the better. We recently did an exhaustive dive into our data over the

April Search Market Share: Yahoo! Up"¦ A Little

Last month I posted the search market share numbers and pointed out that Club Live was generating substantial volume of search traffic. I also decided last month to exclude this volume of search queries based on some feedback from all of you. Well it seems there are a number of readers with a whole host of opinions on this matter. Unfortunately there are an equal number of you that agreed

March Search Market Share Redux: Club Live Gets Us Again

As March search stats were published by the other major third party measurement companies over the past few weeks I started to get a little worried about our post from a couple of weeks ago. So we decided to go a little deeper into our data and as a result we did an extensive page level look at our search counts. Low and behold, it turns out we got bitten

March Search Market Share: March Madness in the Search World

Things were ticking along nicely in the search world with not so much as a speed bump to be seen (set aside the market panic about Google’s paid click decline). Then along came March. Overall volume of search in March exploded, with total queries increasing over 6% and surpassing the 9 billion mark. That’s the biggest month-over-month increase in total search volume since July of last year. Interestingly enough this