Jenney Szeto

Searching for Easy Gifts and New Love: Valentine’s Day Afterthoughts

Image from: PISETSAK PUKAEWPUEAK / Shutterstock Those that are romantic (or obligated) diligently prepare Valentine’s Day surprises for their loved ones months, weeks, or days before the holiday.  But what of those who wait until the last minute? With our Compete search data, we found that of the top 500 search referrals from Google, Bing and Yahoo on Valentine’s Day last week, only about 10 were even related to the

America Loves TV

Even with increasing options online, on tablets, and elsewhere, the average person still watched 34 hours of broadcast network and basic cable TV per week in 2010, up by about 1 percent from 2009.  You could watch both seasons of Glee in their entirety in that amount of time! (Well… without including all of the commercials, that is – ah, the beauty of TiVo.) While we don’t track whether people

No String Attached! Who doesn’t love a free trial?

Free trials offer the best of both worlds.  Businesses and consumers both win. This summer, Netflix and Healthworks both wooed me with their awesome services, but in the end I just didn’t have enough time (or discretionary money) for either.  Sprint, on the other hand, offered me the most attractive option, and right at a time when my 2-year mobile contract had just ended, of an affordable data plan with

“Mad Men" Boosts Online Traffic for

I’ve been a big fan of AMC’s Mad Men since I watched the first episode in 2007. It’s now in its fourth season, and it seems like every year the fan base gets bigger. Last year in particular, it felt like everyone I knew was talking about Mad Men, and my impression was that AMC was doing a really heavy media campaign to get a buzz going about the show.