Jen Russell

Zulily: Rue La La for Moms & Kids or More?

It’s no secret around Compete that I love to shop and that I am particularly fond of all of the online deal sites. I have flaunted my Marc Jacobs bargains from and timed meetings around my 11 AM ET Rue La email previewing the day’s sales. Over the Holidays, I very happily discovered another fabulous site—perfect for busy moms like me:  Zulily markets itself as an online

Dear Cable Companies: You are Losing the Online Battle for the "American Couch Potato"

Last week, The Convergence Consulting Group’s latest research report, "The Battle for the American Couch Potato," received a lot of press. The title of the report is a separate blog topic"”what I’m here to discuss is the company’s "major finding" that by the end of 2009, nearly 800,000 households in the US had "cut the cord""”dumping their cable, satellite, or telco TV providers for Web-based videos and downloadable shows. Articles

Online Food Fight: Scripps vs. Cablevision

So, BC, or Before Compete, I worked for a large Media company in their Distribution Group. Therefore, I was not overly surprised when I received a News alert on New Year’s Day telling me "Scripps Networks Pulls Channels from Cablevision Systems." Surely, however, the 3+ million New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Cablevision subscribers were much more surprised when they tried to turn on the popular Scripps Networks “Food Network