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The Top 10 Elves of Online Shopping

Image from: Lasse Kristensen via Shutterstock Are you behind on your holiday shopping? You aren’t alone! As of December 4th, 21% of shoppers surveyed had completed only 10% or less of their holiday shopping. Whether you are in a pinch for time or just have no idea what to get your brother, best friend, or niece, it’s common to seek the Internet for suggestions. If you are a retailer, it’s

The Weekly Compete Pulse

It’s almost that time! Time to wrap up your year’s work at your desk and shut off your computer for a good break with friends and family. Now is a good time to decide on your New Year’s resolutions – which ones you intend to keep and which ones you will announce only to make yourself sound legit. If you have some time this weekend you could begin to reflect

The #DigitalDinnerTable Cookbook, Volume 1

Hi Twitterers! @AlyssaMaine and @JenDuguay here. Whether you joined Twitter in 2007 or just minutes ago, whether your profile hosts an unhatched egg picture next to less than 10 followers or your name is @ladygaga and you’re pushing 17 million followers, we are always happy to have you at our Digital Dinner Table. While Digital Miss Manners isn’t here to tell us how long is too late to wait to

The Weekly Compete Pulse

The winter holidays are quickly approaching us! Do you have all of your gifts? According to our retail team, there’s a heavy chance that you have been scurrying to check friends and family off your shopping lists and dodging the store lines by shopping online. Last week, online retail traffic increased 26%! We know time is of the essence, so we could help you out and compile the following articles from

The Weekly Compete Pulse

If you aren’t up to your elbows in holiday gifts, then you certainly were not old enough to own a credit card by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those of us who were, we lucked out on some pretty great deals for our friends and families. According to our retail team, mass merchants, department stores, and electronic retailers experienced a better Black Friday than last year, whereas Apparel and

The Long Tail Internet Myth: We are Spending MORE Time on Top 10 Sites than Ever

Image from: nikkytok / Shutterstock In 2006, Compete was contacted by Read Write Web to provide data for a piece on the Long Tail Theory: The Shrinking Long Tail – Top 10 Web Domains Increasing in Reach (You can see our follow up to the post here). The Long tail theory is another way of describing the democratization of media and business through the Internet by removing some of the institutionalized

Blogosphere 2010 vs. 2011: Which Industries Have a Pulse Now?

Image from: wavebreakmedia ltd/Shutterstock Many industries are finding it increasingly important to have a prescence online where they can speak their mind and give a complete voice to their brand. In Technorati’s latest study, the State of the Blogosphere 2011, the company uncovered some insights into why and how people blog, what content they blog about, and even how bloggers connect with brands. That’s where we thought we our data

The Weekly Compete Pulse

I don’t know about you, but I am still full from Thanksgiving dinner. One thing I find that’s always best to fill up on after a meal is digital dessert. If you’ve got some time this weekend, check out these great articles we found interesting for online marketers. Did you know that Facebook is now bigger than the ENTIRE Internet was in 2004? Now, more than ever, it’s important to

The Weekly Compete Pulse

I think I speak for the rest of Boston when I say that today is a gorgeous day outside. The windows are full of sunshine and open wide with a nice cool breeze coming in. It seems perfect weather to go pick up that turkey or ingredients for that special pie that earns you your right at the Thanksgiving table each year. Or you could also take a nice walk

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Daylight savings is in full force! If you haven’t gotten around to changing the stove or microwave, do so before you have a minor panic attack on the way to your next appointment! While changing the clocks takes a bit of adjusting to, it’s no excuse to miss out on some really great articles that were published this week. Here are some of our favorite reads that we felt online

Help, My Competitor is Yelp! Is the Local Review Space Big Enough?

The local review space is increasingly relevant to the modern day consumer. Long gone are the days where the only way you were recommended a business was through your friend’s sister’s friend with the hair salon or by calling your one foodie friend who happens to know every type of cuisine within a 10 mile radius – although you should probably still keep that friend around. We decided to check