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Quick Tip: Are they loyal or offer-driven?

We love hearing from our users, and love it even more when you find a cool useful way to use Compete. Gary recently used Compete.com to analyze how one of his client’s traffic compared to its closest competitor. He quickly discovered:

10 Questions with Guy Kawasaki: How Compete competes with Alexa, comScore

Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, Technorati 50 blogger, and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. He was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. His job description at Apple was “to protect and preserve the Macintosh cult by doing whatever he had to do” — how cool is that?! Guy is also the author of eight books including The Art of the Start (a must read).

At $300 million – each Digg unique visitor is worth $16.30

Is Digg close to a $300 million sale? Good thing Digg didn’t sell itself a year ago. Digg has performed spectacularly in the past 12 months. All key user and engagement metrics are up dramatically for the site: Now I know Facebook and Digg are fundamentally different services, it’s an interesting head to head comparison nevertheless: Even though Digg’s and Facebook’s unique visitor numbers aren’t that far apart, the engagement

Happy 1st Birthday Compete.com! – site stats

For some reason, this is more exciting to some of us than our real birthdays! Tell us how we can improve! As we continue to invest in fine tuning and improving our products, metrics, etc. the most important thing to us is to be more useful to YOU. We’d like to hear from you how we can improve compete.com. Please leave a comment, or email us with your feedback and

Top-50 Websites – Ranked by Unique Visitors; Digg.com, Facebook, Flickr sky rocketing

Compete Ranked #164 Fastest Growing Company on Deloitte's 2007 Technology Fast 500

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 recognizes North America’s fast-growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in terms of percentage revenue growth over five years. We’re pleased to announce that Compete ranked #164 on Deloitte’s 2007 Technology Fast 500, and 19th on the New England Technology Fast 50! Click here for our press release. | Grab the entire Fast 500 list here: 2007 Technology Fast 500 List (591 KB)

YouTube *thriving* under Google's watch

Exactly one year ago I asked: Will YouTube break the Top 10 within 12 months (~50 million visitors)? I think it is more likely that YouTube will hit that milestone than not. We’ll just have to wait and watch. YouTube did it, and in record time. Faster than MySpace, Digg and Facebook. In June 2007 (within 8 months of my post) they broke into the top 10 with just over

2007 MITX Award Finalist: Compete.com

The 2007 MITX awards finalists have been announced — and we’re proud that Compete.com is a finalist again this year. Great work team! Last year this very blog won the award for “Best Community/Blogs”, and this year Compete’s new Search Analytics product is a finalist in the “Applied Technology” category. We’re up against VistaPrint, Outsight Interactive/FootJoy, John Hancock and MarketSight. MITX Awards Ceremony is on: November 8, 2007, 6:00pm Boston

Compete.com is getting a makeover!

Compete.com‘s 1-year birthday is coming up. To celebrate, we’re giving Compete.com a makeover! Compete.com has morphed quite a bit since launching back in November ’06, and we realized many months back that the website’s navigation had not kept up. We’ve worked on improving this and are getting ready to release a new navigation scheme, and homepage this week. We know change is hard, but in this case we think it

How internet rock stars drive traffic. We take a closer look at Mahalo, Pownce and Truemors.

Three big events rocked the web 2.0 universe this summer. Internet rock stars Guy Kawasaki (Truemors), Jason Calacanis (Mahalo), and Kevin Rose/Leah Culver (Pownce) launched new companies. In the chart below, you see how all three have done extremely well thus far. Any startup would kill for these sort of results in their first two months. Wondering what actually drives traffic to these sites? Take a look at the table

Get $20 worth of Compete credits for free.

We love our users, and MyCompete members even more! As you know, Compete Search Analytics is coming out of private beta on September 12, 2007. As a special “thank you” for your support and feedback, we’re pleased to announce that we will award all MyCompete members (on record as of midnight 5-Sep) 10 credits for free! You will be able to use these credits to run premium reports on Compete.com