Jay Meattle

Guest Post: Can Digg Keep Up With Facebook’s Growth? So Far It Surprisingly Has

We welcome back Jay Meattle, a Compete.com original member, from HEPGURU for this guest post. Below is a Digg and Facebook‘s monthly Unique Visitor chart going all the way back to the month they were launched. After looking at the first chart, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that Facebook has been growing faster than Digg (isn’t quite so), so before you do, make sure you take a

A look at traffic to IRS.gov… have you filed your taxes yet?

Every single year that I have prepared my own tax return (yes, I still do my own taxes), I’ve prepared them the weekend before they have been due. Examining traffic to IRS.gov for the past few years, it looks like my tax filing behavior may not be the norm!! — My observations: Traffic to IRS.gov peaks in February each year (and not in April 🙂 After several, mostly flat years,

15.4 Million Facebook Application Users in January

15.4 million Facebook users interacted with fb Application pages (@ apps.facebook.com) in January: On average ~51% of Facebook’s user base engages with Application pages: In January, fb Application pages directly contributed 1.5 billion pages (8.4% of total) to Facebook.com’s total page view count. Given the trend, I expect Application pages to gradually form a larger chunk of Facebook.com’s overall page views over time. Note: Stats in this post are limited

Does Privacy Matter to Most Facebook Users? Let's look at some data.

Does privacy matter to most Facebook users? Take a look at the chart below, and judge for yourself (weekly unique visitors to facebook’s privacy settings pages): Even after all the recent mainstream media coverage and debate surrounding Facebook’s controversial beacon program, online privacy in general, and Facebook making available universal beacon opt-out — traffic to Facebook’s privacy settings pages has essentially been flat. NOT A GOOD SIGN! It’s likely that

SEOmoz – An Interview About Compete.com Metrics

A few weeks ago Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz posted an interview in which Jeremy talks about Compete’s technology, the results, what’s coming up, etc. Read on! Compete.com Metrics – An Interview with Jeremy Crane by Rand Fishkin For the past couple weeks, I’ve been chatting over email with the folks at Compete.com about their web popularity reporting & analytics tools. Luckily enough, Jeremy Crane, the Director of Search & Online

Compete.com Updates

We released a number of Compete.com updates today! 1. Cleaner Results with Report Overviews Now when you run a Search Analytics report, you will see a new “Report Overview” table above each report. We have big plans for this section. Look out for more here in the near future. Let us know what you think: 2. New Homepage Search Analytics has a new homepage! Check it out @ http://searchanalytics.compete.com (you

Get $10 just for signing up for a free Compete account

If you don’t already have a Compete.com account – what are you waiting for? You get access to Compete’s advanced features when you register for a free account + if you register now, you’ll get $10 worth of Compete.com credits. You will be able to use these credits to run premium reports on Compete.com With an account, you also get to: Access Compete Search Analytics [screencast tour]Compete Search Analytics is

Become a Compete.com Affiliate

We do our best to spread the word about Compete, but we know it has no better ambassador than the people that use the service. So, we’d like to make it worth your while and put money in your wallet, to help spread the word. You simply have to link to Compete.com and receive commissions on all orders that originate from your site. We pay you $6 for each order

RIP Facebook? Not yet. Unique Visitors to Facebook.com jumped 20% in November

In the space of a month, Facebook has gone from media darling to devil. However, all the bad PR didn’t hold back Facebook.com traffic in November. Unique visitors jumped 20%: The big question — Are Facebook users even aware of their worsening privacy situation? Take a look at the chart below. Looks like regular Facebook users are mostly unaware of their worsening situation, or more likely don’t know what to

Nominate Compete.com for the Crunchies

The 2007 Crunchies is the first annual competition and award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year. The Crunchies is a collaboration project between GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb, VentureBeat and TechCrunch. You choose who wins. If you like Compete.com please nominate Compete as the Best enterprise start-up in the 2007 Crunchies! Our report card for our first year:

Total Time Spent Online is Up 24.3%

Is it a good time to be long-term bullish on the Internet? Take a look at the chart below – We are spending more and more time consuming information online. Logically, since time is finite online advertising spend should follow a similar trajectory with marketers allocating their ad budgets in proportion to where people are spending their time. Needless to say, this is a time of considerable opportunity for online