Seeing Between the Lines of the Search and the Click

Image from: Online Search / Shutterstock Search marketing is an intense and competitive battlefield, and for those of us in the trenches it can feel like being dropped in an unknown location without a map or GPS to guide us. To date, the ability to track actual consumer behavior from a search to a click has been virtually non-existent. Because search engine results pages (SERPs) are different for every consumer

5 Things Every Marketer Should Know About The Consumer Path to Purchase

Image from: Online Purchase / Shutterstock The introduction of new devices, platforms, content and all around new ways to engage consumers has fundamentally changed the way consumers build relationships with and become customers of brands. In order to meaningfully engage with consumers at moments when they are most receptive to brand messaging, understanding the consumer’s path to purchase has become a need to know rather than a nice to know.

Does Room Key have the ‘Key’ to Success?

Image from: Hotel Image / Shutterstock Roomkey.com is a new hotel search engine founded jointly by Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, and Wyndham; it launched mid-January.  Room Key claims its wants to make hotel searches simple, fast and fun…but it’s also a way for participating hoteliers to minimize distribution costs and preserve booking revenue by keeping shoppers engaged with their brands.  It’s gained the attention of travelers and industry professionals

Google Flight Search Taking Off

Image from: Buzzom Google Flight launched in September 2011, providing consumers yet another option for travel shopping.  It is most similar to meta search sites like Kayak, in that you search for flights using the tool, but are redirected elsewhere to book.   However, unlike Kayak, Google only directs searchers to airline supplier sites (think aa.com) for booking rather than offering the option of booking with supplier or OTA. To measure

Hotwire and Carrentals.com Driving Rental Car Success

Image from: Car Keys Image / Shutterstock One of the cheapest ways to travel remains renting a car and driving to your destination – be it a friend’s house, grandma’s or a cheap hotel you found online. Compete investigated the dynamic rental car industry to see who was winning and losing. Market Revving Up The market is healthy; so far in 2012, more people shopped and booked rental cars than

The Mazda Evolution: Brand Awareness Driving Sales

Compete, Inc. Original Research Mazda’s Evolution For Many years, Mazda has had a relatively distinctive image in the U.S.  It is often seen as the sportiest of the Japanese brands, fostered by its participation Mazda is evolving in an effort to drive sales.  To set the stage, Compete used several of its automotive metrics, which leverage its industry-leading panel size and patented normalization techniques. Keeping Zoom, Adding WPP Mazda has

Sonata Most Shopped Model in May

As the US economy slowly emerges from recession, one encouraging sign of recovery is in-market shopper demand* for new cars and trucks. Thus far in 2010 the number of new vehicle shoppers has increased to levels not seen for at least two years. In May 2010, new vehicle demand totaled 2.8 million shoppers, its highest level since February 2008. Given overall market trends, most brands have seen more shoppers. However,

Lost Bookings Where Are You?

Marriott, Choice or IHG — who’s better?  The answer depends on what you’re measuring.   Compete investigated the extent to which these three hotel chains are capturing bookings vs. losing out to the competition.   We compared these three chains because they are industry leading brands, and collectively have properties ranging from economy and limited service, all the way to luxury and full service. First we measured overall site traffic and booking

The Online Impact of Toyota’s Recalls to Date

In late January, Toyota US announced it would recall about 2.3million vehicles over defective accelerator pedals and floor mats.  Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about this recall not only because it’s been all over the news, but because you or someone you know owns a Toyota that is affected.  They are, after all, among the world’s largest auto manufacturers. Compete investigated the extent to which the recall

Who is More Efficient: GM, Chrysler or Ford?

Regardless of whether the Big 3 automakers survive as is, get loans or seek bankruptcy protection, they will need to operate more efficiently. Advertising is a huge portion of their operating costs and therefore is a key place to focus efficiency improvements. One very basic, yet powerful, way to measure ad effectiveness is by comparing ad dollars spent to the number of in-market shoppers the advertising generates. The result (dollars

Generating Quality Leads Online Isn't Easy, But It Can Be Done – Just Ask Pontiac.

I’m still gloating about winning my March Madness pool — Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Yes, I was glued to the TV during all games… yet, I can’t remember one single ad that aired. It’s sad for marketers really, if I was in fact who they were trying to reach; a college sports enthusiast! Which got me wondering… How much is typically spent on advertising during March Madness? TV Ad sales projected