Jack Drew

Traffic Acquisition + Personalization = Higher Conversion Rates for Marketers

As a marketer, building out your list of affiliates is an important component of your traffic acquisition strategy. Understanding first what is working for your competitors is a great initial step—Phase 1. After all, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Compete Meets Omniture

Hello there Omniture. A sincere pleasure. We kicked off our partnership with Omniture back in March and there was an incredible amount of buzz surrounding it at the Omniture Conference I attended. Everyone wanted to learn more about our newly formed relationship and the intricacies of our integration into Site Catalyst. The value proposition was simple and people really got it. How can you argue with the value that comes

The Impact of a Weakening Economy on Online Travel

Given the severity of the problems in other markets, less mainstream attention has been placed on the state of the travel industry. Compete analyzed online activity within the air and hotel categories to identify if shifts are taking place in consumer interest in these products. The findings show a clear decline in online travel research activity, with actual booking and purchase activity also trending downward. Air and hotel shopper volumes

Travel Search: Hotwire Heating Up in Demographic Segment Performance

The major online travel agencies are in constant competition to be the top performer in the search game, but not all searches are created equal. Many marketers are only interested in attracting specific desirable customer segments that will be most likely to engage with their product. One of these segments is high-income women travelers between the ages of 35 and 44, which Hotwire has been increasingly successful in attracting search-driven

OTA Search Share: Expedia Leading the Way

It’s hard to think of an online consumer offering that doesn’t rely heavily on search, and travel is no exception. With economic factors making consumers more price-conscious than ever, travelers are looking for good deals more and more, making search an integral traffic driver for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Expedia is the class of the industry when it comes to search though, with a 26% share. This means that they