Holly Mason

Who’s Winning Now? Fall Broadcast Season Predictions

Premiere week of the new fall broadcast TV season has finally approached and the tune in rates achieved across the top 5 broadcast networks this week will certainly set the tone for the remainder of the season. Which programs will be deemed the clear winners of their night and time slot will soon be determined as viewers decide if the new and returning programs have won them over, securing their

Old Navy $2 Megasale

Recently an Old Navy online ad on Yahoo for a “˜$2 Cami Sale’ caught my eye. The Old Navy ad prompted consumers to use the secret passcode “˜CAMI4ME’ in-store to cash in on the deal. I have to admit I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s $2.50 flip-flops as well as some of its other great bargains, so I quickly clicked over to oldnavy.com with hopes of using the

Nissan Turns A New Leaf

In the short time window an online ad has to catch one’s eye, its ability to capture ones engagement within just a few seconds is imperative. Last Wednesday an advertisement for Nissan Leaf on the AOL homepage managed to do just that. The flash ad contained various images starting with that of a coffee cup with the phrase "the new fuel" appearing within the ad frame. Following phrases included "the

The Online Battle of the Broadcast Networks

With the major broadcast networks wrapping up their regular TV seasons before the summer break, TV ratings continue to grow as audiences tune in to catch the season ending cliffhangers. There will be clear defined ratings winners but will that translate into increased site traffic for the broadcast networks? As more and more viewers have started to go online to watch their favorite shows they also have been interacting with