Hoai Doan

ING Direct acquires Sharebuilder: Has it facilitated effective cross-sell?

In November 2007, ING Direct acquired personal investment site Sharebuilder. While the acquisition was said to be strategic in that ING Direct would now be able to offer investment options to its current customers, the question is whether this acquisition has achieved that goal. Specifically, did the acquisition increase demand amongst ING Direct’s current customers for Sharebuilder products? Read the farthest point to the right as: ~7% of ING Directs

High rates still drew consumer deposits into E*Trade despite bankruptcy chances

In November 2007, Prashant Bhatia, a Citi Investment Research Analyst, wrote that E*Trade had a 15% chance of bankruptcy due to the effects of the decline in the subprime market. E*Trade’s shareholders clearly took this statement to heart as the company’s share price declined 59% in one day. Just as interesting however, is the question of whether E*Trade’s online depositors shared those fears. While not as well known as its

Is Obopay on Track to Become the Next PayPal?

In February, Citibank announced a partnership with Obopay to pilot the company’s eponymous peer-to-peer mobile phone payment service. The two companies launched a pilot in Boston and Chicago this summer with some fanfare (free ice cream sandwiches!) We thought it would be interesting to see how well the partnership is performing in terms of driving new checking and savings account openings for Citi. The Citi website gets a lot of