Hila Ganor

Holiday Toy Story

It’s likely that either you or one of the 2 people sitting next to you has already bought a toy or game this holiday season. The Compete Holiday Insights™ Survey found that over a third of shoppers have already purchased toys or games this season, a category slightly behind the leading clothing and shoes category and 10 points ahead of the books category. To see how toys were shaping up

Diaper Wars

A couple of weeks ago this Business Week cover story about Amazon.com versus Diapers.com caught my eye not only because of my role here at Compete but because of our newfound diaper duty at home. The article delves into the challenge Diapers.com poses to the web’s “Goliath” and I wanted to further look into how this translated into traffic. First, I checked in with our resident CPG expert, Debra Miller

The Seasonality Of Pizza

The NBA finals called for pizza night at our house. The DIY pizzas enabled by ordering online allow the average pizza lover a lot more self expression without annoying the order taker (“thin crust"¦light cheese..extra sauce"¦”) Having enjoyed the pizza a lot more than the final game (we’re from Boston) I decided to check out how the online service has been faring of late. I learned a couple of interesting

Setting My Sights on Site-to-Store

Our blog has looked at the advantages of offering a site-to-store shipping or pickup option before. Back in July we discussed cross channel retail enabling consumers a consistent experience across offline and online channels as well as the marvel of being able to receive items in store within hours.  Last week, we reported on the centrality of free shipping to consumers as the #1 decision making criterion when shopping online.

Photo Op

Tis the season for your photo to be printed on everything from a card to a calendar to a mug and dispersed to loved ones across the globe. Reflecting the rest of the retail market, the online photo services market garners much of its traffic and revenues in the last quarter of the year.  Shutterfly for example, reported 50% of its annual earnings in Q4 2008 alone. A snapshot of