Hal Wurster

Hummer Shutdown – What Will Arnold Drive Now??

It’s hard to miss Hummer‘s distinctive and recognizable design traits once you see one on the road. The boxy, anti-aerodynamic, beast of a vehicle is recognized worldwide. Jean Halliday stated in an AdAge article today, "As recently as 2006 the truck was still seen by many consumers as a fun — even cool — ride, making regular appearances in Hollywood (notably on HBO’s “Entourage”) and at big sporting and red-carpet

Does Fuel-Efficient Messaging Drive the Auto Industry? Prius Thinks So

On Monday, the Energy Information Association released its latest gas price data; the U.S. price at the pump (all grades) stood at $3.51 at the end of April, the highest price on record. The conversation surrounding oil prices and the economy has made the price of gas a hot topic across political debates and fuel economy a component of recent automotive campaigns. Does the price of gas actually run the