Gregg Poulin

Good News for Online News: 6 Out Of 10 Online Users Visited World News Websites In July

Guess what? Americans are actually staying up to date with the news! The hardcopy days of news may be close to over, but if there is any indicator of the market for online news,’s July data is certainly a starting point. Up 6.3% in July from June, our World News category of sites now attract over 100M unique visitors monthly through both continuous news and breaking stories that spike

It’s Getting Close to the Time the NFL Threw Advertisers a Hail Mary…

Image from: Football / Shutterstock The NFL has built something that advertisers drool over (Besides Tom Brady). The NFL has an audience of passionate fans in a controlled environment for a set period of time. It’s a marketers dream and they will do/spend just about anything to have access to such a targeted audience. How many times have you seen or know of people who pick brands based on an

Kicking off the Holiday Season:’s Sizzling Black Friday

Where were you on Black Friday? If you were online, there is a pretty decent chance that you were looking for a sweet deal or two, and where better to find a deal than Well, you weren’t alone. Nearly 7% of all U.S. Internet users on Black Friday visited, almost seven times the site’s average reach on any given day in 2008. But what was behind this remarkable

September data is live – Weather, Government, NFL and Halloween costume sites soar

September data is now live on! See what’s changed for the sites you care about with Compete’s Site Analytics, Ranked Lists and Referral Analytics tools. One of the more interesting ways to use Compete data is to highlight the shifting web-wide trends in online consumer interest, and September proved to be no exception. With major hurricanes at the beginning of the month, the economic turmoil at the month’s end,

Compete PRO now has Referral Analytics!

Imagine a world where you could see where your competitors were getting traffic, and also know where 97% of your potential customers were going after visiting your site! Before now, it was almost impossible to find great data on your rivals’ customer acquisition tactics – equally frustrating was trying to understand where people were going when they left your site. Well, fly blind no more! The Compete PRO Team has

What You Have Been Asking For… Today We Are Launching Compete PRO and Ranked Lists!

We have been listening to your feedback, working hard to launch the next generation of So today, we are very proud to announce the launch of Compete PRO! Compete’s mission in life is to help marketers measure and increase the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Our analyst teams have been doing this for years with big brands in the Automotive, Telecom, Financial Services, Travel and Media markets. Within the

Leap Day: What It's Means To Online Marketing

Last week, Wall Street and Madison Avenue were abuzz with the news that Google Paid Search Ad clickthroughs had gone flat in terms of volume. But just as traders dumped the stock and caused its share price to plummet, others were questioning that decision. But one factor that everyone seemed to ignore was the little fact that this year contains a full extra day worth of potential business. This got