Greg Carter

BlackBerry Playbook™: You Had Me At Hello… But What About Others?

Not everyone wants an iPad. Sure, I’ve played with Apple’s hot device, but I belong to another tribe; I love RIM’s BlackBerry. That’s my disclaimer; I’m a BlackBerry fan and brand evangelist. So while others rejoice in iPad 2 news, I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of the BlackBerry Playbook™. I actually expected to find RIM and the Playbook™ front and center at the CTIA Wireless show in March but was

Unified Communications, Converged Mobile Applications and Visual Voicemail"¦ Who really cares anyway?

Last summer, I wrote about the growing interest in Unified Communication Solutions and the implications for telecom providers. As a refresher, we think of Unified Communications (UC) as technology that offers users choices in how they manage communications from home phones, voicemail, video services, email, etc. Since last year, I have seen the likes of AT&T, Google and Comcast introduce and announce UC solutions that are simply posing as very

Can Unified Communications Solutions Become More Popular Than the Pipe That Enables Them?

No one loves gadgets, cool services and devices more than I do. In fact, I have had a "one-number" service in play off and on since the early days of cellular phones, circa ’96. I think I may have just dated myself. Despite my own infatuation with the latest and greatest communications solutions, I was very surprised to learn that consumer interest in Unified Communications during much of "˜07 eclipsed