Eleanor Baird

Can Zune Compete with iPod?

MP3 players will be on consumers’ shopping lists this holiday season, but can anyone compete with Apple’s family of iPods? There are many MP3 players on the market, but if any device could be a viable alternative to the iPod, the Zune seems to be a likely candidate. Free from the iTunes DRM on music, it also boasts a built-in FM radio tuner and a set of music-discovery and sharing

Do Consumers Only Have Eyes for the iPhone?

From T-Moblile’s G1 to Verizon Wireless’ BlackBerry Storm, there are a lot of exciting smartphones due to be released in the next few months"¦ but can anything, no matter how innovative, displace the iPhone in the minds of consumers? To get a sense of which of the current crop of mobile devices were appealing to iPhone researchers, I took a look at Compete’s data to see what percentage of the

A New Crop of Smartphones — Something for Everyone?

This holiday season promises a few answers to the iPhone from Apple’s competitors. So far, the T-Mobile G1, the Blackberry Thunder, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 look like they could be contenders. Smartphones, with their higher contract prices and upfront costs, tend to attract more affluent consumers. In this economic climate, where consumers may have less disposable income or just be unwilling to spend it, extending that appeal to

QWERTY and Touchscreen: Better Together?

The much anticipated T-Mobile G1, the HTC-made answer to the iPhone that will run Google’s Android operating system, was announced Tuesday. Like other smart phones before it, the G1 will have both a touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keyboard. When the hyper-popular iPhone already features a virtual touch screen keyboard, does it make sense to offer both a touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard to consumers? According to our data, blending

Is the iPod Touch Really an iPod?

Analysts generally weren’t too impressed with Steve Jobs’ announcements about new iPod features and lower prices last week in San Francisco. But in light of the new iPhone 3G released in July with a lot of hype and a lower price, the new $229+ price tag on the iPod Touch was an interesting move. Is Apple is trying to make the Touch appeal to people who want an iPhone but

Battle for the Online Box Office: Fandango and MovieTickets

One of the small conveniences of the internet that I really enjoy is being able to order movie tickets online. Over the summer, I noticed that almost whatever site I visited to learn about a movie and look at show times eventually took me to one of two places to buy tickets: fandango.com or movietickets.com. It seemed like I saw both pretty frequently, so I took a look at compete.com

What Else are iPhone Researchers Into? Blogging and Travel Sites

As the dust begins to settle after the announcement and launch of the new iPhone 3G, I wondered about who was actually interested in it. With all the hype, there’s inevitably strong curiosity among iPhone researchers, so interest often isn’t necessarily indicating an intent to buy. Still, I thought that looking at this group’s behavior might provide some insight into who potential (possibly actual) customers are, and what types of

The iPhone Comes to Best Buy: Good Buy or Good-Bye for Consumers?

Last week, Best Buy announced that it will begin to sell the iPhone, the still very hot new device that is exclusive to carrier AT&T, on September 7th. Best Buy has been selling mobile phones and plans for some time now, and they have made a considerable investment in building their presence with a "store within a store" concept. This announcement made me wonder about how much traction Best Buy

Could Soaring Traffic to RIM and Samsung Sites Spell Trouble for Motorola?

When people are looking at wireless phones, the carriers’ sites play a crucial role in the research and shopping process, but manufacturers’ web presence is playing an increasingly important role. The number of people who visited their sites every month is one indicator of an OEM’s popularity relative to competitors’. In June, traffic to Motorola’s universe of sites (shown here in pink) was exceeded for the first time by not

Update: Cable Nets and Online Video Sites: Who's Winning the Online Audience?

My new favorite television show is Dexter, which tells the story of a serial killer who only preys on the bad guys. After marathon viewings of season one on video, and waiting impatiently for season two to be released, I stumbled on links on Hulu to episodes on Showtime’s site. Branding is important for cable networks, as it helps attract advertisers and cable subscribers. Online video is new, and I’m

Moviegoers Online: The Wisdom of Crowds and the Web

With the summer blockbuster season officially underway, audiences can expect to see more movie marketing campaigns appearing across all types of media. As an avid Internet user who is behind on my theatre-going, I wondered how people engage with online content around a film and how it might figure into their decision-making process about what to see. To try to answer this question, I looked at the patterns around three