Eleanor Baird

Beyond the Oprah Effect: Online interest in the Amazon Kindle

While getting a cup of coffee the other day, I saw an Amazon Kindle in real life for the first time. Considering the extensive press about the device in the last several months, I’ve been surprised not to see more people using them. Back in October, Oprah featured the Kindle on her show, an announcement that created a lot of buzz, and the device sold out around Christmas. So, I

Portable Gaming Systems: Is Nintendo or PlayStation Winning This Round?

Through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we heard a lot about the phenomenal popularity of the Nintendo Wii this holiday season. But are shoppers also showing interest in the smaller cousins of the consoles: portable gaming systems? And who is winning that battle for consumer interest? Sony PlayStation and Nintendo are the major players in this market – with the PSP and the DS, respectively. To get a read on

Where Laptop Searchers Land Online

Although they won’t get as much fanfare as the iPhone or the Wii, especially this holiday season, laptops remain a necessity. When it comes to purchasing one, consumers have a dizzying array of choices, everything from brand to operating system to size to where to buy. To get a general idea of where laptop researchers are going online, I looked at where people who used terms including the word "˜laptop’

Showtimes To Go: How the mobile web may be changing how we go to the movies

While Smartphone owners may use email, calendar and contacts most often, the people I know can’t live without at least one other feature of the mobile web. Some love their GPS, others like a constant feed of sports scores, others want to be able to see their Facebook friends’ status updates at all times. My personal favorite convenience is being able to look up movies and showtimes when I’m away

Could the Blackberry Storm's Momentum Challenge iPhone Interest?

On Friday, the much-anticipated Blackberry Storm went on sale. Like many other recent Smartphone releases, the touchscreen, media player, and web-browsing features led to comparisons with the iPhone 3G. Sales figures were not available at the time of this post, but we did get a sense of the online interest for the Storm versus the iPhone by looking at the number of people who researched the devices on the carrier

The Mobile Application Rush: Is the iPhone Really Leading the Way?

The Apple iPhone’s Application Store is considered an innovative step forward in creating a true convergence device. Although mobile apps are not new, from the T-Mobile G1 to the Blackberry Bold, everyone is hopping on the bandwagon. But are iPhone owners really interested in mobile applications any more than other Smartphone users, or is it just hype? To find out, I looked at some survey data from Compete’s new Smartphone

Hotspots: How Consumers Choose Where to Make the Connection

AT&T has been expanding its wi-fi footprint in 2008. Last week, AT&T announced that it was buying Wayport, a wi-fi service provider. Back in February, the telco became Starbucks’ new wi-fi partner, providing access in thousands of U.S. locations. With more and more wi-fi enabled devices in consumers’ hands – from laptops to smartphones to portable gaming consoles – the race is on to become the provider of choice. What

Consumer Electronics Holiday Forecast: Rough Roads or Smooth Sailing Ahead?

With the current economic slump, this holiday season is expected to be a tough one for most retail sectors, but will consumer electronics be one of them? Maybe not. A recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association found that although consumers may be spending less overall this season, they are planning to spend more on CE gifts. Some even argue that that the weak economy will make home entertainment products,

Voters Watching Online Video More Engaged in the Election, Cisco/Compete Survey Finds

Traffic to online video on popular news sites, video blogs, YouTube and other sites has seen a 5x increase since our last presidential election in 2004, but has online video changed how people engage in politics this time around? The latest results of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Pulse Survey, which includes data from Compete and responses from about 1,800 registered U.S. voters, found that the internet is second only to

Compete & Google Team Up to Understand Wireless Shoppers

These are challenging and turbulent times for the wireless industry. As mobile phone ownership approaches saturation, both carriers and device manufacturers need to attract new subscribers from competitors while retaining their existing customer base. In the current economic climate and on the verge of holiday shopping season, understanding how and why wireless consumers do what they do is more important than ever. To help marketers navigate this challenging landscape, this

iPhone Killers?

As of yesterday, consumers could bring home the new T-Mobile G1, an HTC-designed device that will be the first to run Google’s Android operating system. Could the G1 emerge as an iPhone Killer? Although only time will tell what consumers will choose, I took a look at the competitive field to date to see if any of the top 5 mobile devices most viewed by online iPhone researchers at AT&T’s