Holiday Shopping 2007 — How Wireless is Shaping Up

"˜Tis the season for snow, Santa and shopping till you drop. Merchants across the country are currently in the midst of their busiest season of the year. The wireless industry is no exception, hoping to draw consumer interest (and dollars) from new product launches, bundled deals and blitz advertising campaigns. Q4 2006 saw a 14% increase in mobile phones sales from the previous year. Will this trend continue in 2007?

iPhone In A Class (and Category) By Itself

The iPhone may have recently been awarded Time’s Invention of the Year, but are consumers still interested? Recent Compete analysis showed that the iPhone launch generated more online interest at ATT.com than any other wireless handset launched in the last few years. The iPhone saw 10x the online interest of the Samsung Blackjack launch, which had the most online interest of any device at ATT.com last year (and that launch

Buying Telco? Buy Online

At some point in time, nearly every US adult will purchase a telecommunications product or service. While consumers in regional markets generally have only a few providers to choose from, consumers have a number of choices when it comes to how they purchase these services. In August, Compete surveyed 1,511 recent telecom shoppers online about researching and buying products and services in four categories: mobile phones/plans, broadband/high-speed Internet, home phone/landline

iPhone Takes Center Stage at CTIA IT & Entertainment 2007

Compete has been tracking consumer interest and attitudes towards the iPhone since its original announcement in January. Now, four months post-launch & with hundreds in attendance, Compete discussed its latest research on the iPhone at CTIA IT & Entertainment last week. Joined by a panel of experts including David Ulmer from Motorola, Cyriac Roeding from CBS, Lee Ott from Yahoo! and Sam Altman from Loopt, Compete revealed insights into shoppers’

Palm Gets Personal With New Centro Smartphone

Last week Palm announced a new consumer-oriented smartphone device called the Centro. Palm CEO Ed Colligan said, "[The Centro] is meant to be the center of your life, both your business and personal life. We’re trying to reach a new demographic.” While Palm has been traditionally strong in the business-user market, they have been criticized for not "keeping up" in the consumer space. Recent Compete analysis shows that releasing the

iPhone Interest Could More Than Double With New Price Cuts

By now you’ve probably heard about Apple’s recent product announcements. And while the redesign of the iPod Nano may be getting a lot of hype, the iPhone’s $200 price cut was the talk of the day here at Compete. That’s because we’ve been tracking consumers’ willingness to pay for the iPhone since its original announcement in January. Most recently, Compete surveyed a segment of consumers (iPod shoppers) in June right