Race to the Finish: NBC Stakes its Claim to the Olympics Online

When I last posted, the world was eagerly awaiting the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and I was tracking online performance of two major websites for these Games: NBCOlympics.com and Vancouver2010.com. Even though that was less than two weeks ago, it seems a lot has changed. To be fair, I’m not exactly picking up where I left off. Last time I used monthly unique visitor metrics to

Going for the Gold in Vancouver"¦ and Online

The 2010 Winter Olympics officially kick off tonight with the Opening Ceremonies. I admit that I’m an Olympics junkie. I TiVo every round of competition for practically every sport (curling!) and watch marathon sessions from my couch protected from the cold outside by my Snuggie. I consider myself a dedicated athlete. This year, it appears that fans are getting their viewing schedules ready early: 4 of the top 13 search

The App War is Brewing: What Google’s Nexus One Really Means

Compete will be at CES 2010 sharing additional and complementary data to what you’ll read below. If you would like to set up a meeting with Compete to discuss, please email Danielle Nohe at dnohe@compete.com or Greg Carter at gcarter@compete.com. Google announced its mobile phone, the Nexus One, on Tuesday, December 15th and as one website put it "the world went crazy". The industry is all abuzz talking about what

Netbooks gaining traction with consumers

Those of us that follow the consumer electronics industry have been hearing about the promise of netbooks for quite some time now.  The Consumer Electronics Association predicts the netbook category will generate $3.4 billion in 2009.  It seems like every major OEM, retailer and wireless carrier has plans to enter the game in some form or another. But until recently, consumers didn’t seem to be getting the message.  Based on

The battle for cell phone customers continues: Palm Pre coming to Verizon Wireless

Last week Verizon Wireless’s COO confirmed that the carrier would be begin selling the Palm Pre smartphone in "˜early 2010′. It’s no surprise that the Pre will wind up at both CDMA-based carriers eventually.  However, it is surprising how soon the device will be available from another carrier after its initial exclusive launch at Sprint in June 2009.The stakes could be high for Verizon Wireless here. Sure, they are the

Raking in the Green: How going green is going from trendy to profitable

Earth Day 2009 was a couple of weeks ago now, but the buzz around "going green" is still alive and well. Last week I counted that, during a commercial break from "˜My Name is Earl,’ 4 of the 5 ads I saw contained a green message or promotion. In online advertising too, we at Compete have seen companies embrace green advertising across the board. All four major wireless carriers are

Changing of the Guard? Blackberry Passes iPhone Online

For the past two years, consumers and the media alike have "˜ooh’ed and "˜ahh’ed over the iPhone. And rightfully so. The sleek design, unique interface and ease of use were characteristics not frequently seen in the US cell phone market before 2007, and drew significant traffic to Apple’s website. But, two years later, traffic to BlackBerry’s website has slowly overtaken Apple’s online iPhone traffic. Is the love affair with the

You Better Watch Out, Best Buy, Walmart Is Coming to Town

Recession doesn’t seem to be having much of an impact on the market for high-end TVs. According to a recent survey by Consumer Reports, 23% of respondents said they plan to purchase an LCD or plasma TV this holiday season. It’s likely that some of the demand for these HDTVs is driven by the good deals right now. Price-conscious consumers may not be changing what they’re shopping for, but they

Are You Ready for Some Football? Not Really, but at Least My HDTV Is!

Not long ago, I bought a brand new 46" LCD HDTV just in time for football season so I could see every individual blade of grass swoosh by as my beloved Patriots went for touchdown after touchdown. And then"¦ well, you all know what I’m talking about, so I don’t need to repeat it here. Still, football season has just begun and I still have an HDTV hanging on the

Will the Blackberry Bold Keep RIM Customers from Churning to Apple?

The new Apple iPhone is coming out on July 11th, and the media buzz surrounding its launch has been a bit over-the-top. It remains to be seen if the iPhone 3G will make as big a splash as some analysts say it will, but if does there could be disruptive consequences for its competitors. So who’s the most at risk? I took a look at OEM customers’ affinity for Apple

Intel Re-Enters the Mobile Market — What's Different This Time Around?

Earlier this month, Intel announced they were getting back into the semiconductor market for mobile phones, a market they just recently left in 2006. So why the change of heart? Increasing interest in high-end, high-powered devices for one. As consumers become more interested in using their mobile phones for more than just making calls, they need devices that have more horsepower. For Intel it means an opportunity to be that