Drew Fortin

Webmaster Radio Interviews Compete at SES 2010

While at the latest Search Engine Strategies Conference, SES 2010 in New York City, Webmaster Radio caught up with Eric Austrew, Director of Product Management for Compete.com, about the company’s data methodology, product offerings, and product development strategy. Click here to listen to the interview.

Olympics All The Buzz in February

February data is live and online Olympics coverage is everywhere! Of the top 15,000 fastest moving websites, domains related to NBC universal (the exclusive owner of media rights to 2010 Winter Olympics coverage), Vancouver, and the Olympics in general dominated the charts. Accounting for tens of millions of visitors, it’s safe to assume that NBC’s bid for exclusive coverage definitely paid off.

Compete Meets Omniture – New Integration Announced

I am pleased to be writing this post from the Omniture Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah where you can meet some members of the Compete team at the Partners Showcase at booth 105. This morning, Compete announced an exciting partnership with Omniture, the leading provider of online business optimization software, to help marketers more efficiently analyze and take action on new online insights.  By integrating Compete’s Web-wide competitive intelligence

Compete Ranks Top Sites for January 2010

Today, Compete released its ranking of the top 50 Web sites for January 2010. At the category level, tax and travel Web sites saw the most dramatic traffic increases in January 2010. The top five fastest growing Web sites in January were tax related, while five of the top 20 high-growth sites were dedicated to travel. In aggregate, the top travel sites attracted more than 21 million unique visitors (UVs),

Newcomers up for Tough Competition in the Agent Space

From new phones with endlessly expanding capabilities (digital camera, turn-by-turn navigation) to new functions one can perform from their device (set my DVR to record the latest episode of House), the world of wireless products and services never ceases to amaze me.  As our wireless phones continue to morph into versatile "do-it-all" gizmos, the options for purchase continue to change as well. Agent sites (i.e. independent, 3rd party retailers) are

January Fast Movers

January data is live on Compete.com we’ve ranked that fastest moving websites and fastest moving industry categories by increases in unique visitors. Fastest moving websites: It’s that time of year again and everyone has taxes on the brain. As a result a majority of the top growing websites in January were related to tax filing, tax services and software. Taxact.com experienced the largest growth with 6.86 million unique visitors in January

Study Finds Link Between Brand Building and Search

NEW YORK Feb 9, 2010 "” Initial research conducted by Wunderman, BrandAsset® Consulting, ZAAZ and Compete has found that the search engine consumers use to find a brand’s website impacts their perception of that brand and impacts their decisions made while they’re on the site. "Search begins with the choice of search engine," said David Sable, vice chairman and COO of Wunderman, one of the companies involved in the research.

Compete’s Audience Profiles help you target your ideal customer

Next Thursday, Eric Austrew, Product Manager of Compete.com, will present  a webinar called Know Thy Audience – Using Compete’s Audience Profiles to target your ideal customer. In his presentation, Eric will address the ongoing issues both publishers and advertisers face when trying offer or buy media placements based on audience measurement and standard demographic data. By gaining audience insights through comprehensive tools, like Compete’s Audience Profiles, marketers can discover the

Compete Ranks December’s Top Food and Cooking Sites

Last Thursday, Compete released its ranking of the top 50 food and cooking Web sites for December 2009. In addition to the typical seasonal traffic spike, the cooking and grocery sites categories have both sustained significant year-over-year growth. Traffic to recipe sites grew in 2009 as a number of the online outlets added mobile applications and new ways to interact with their brands. In addition, grocery store chains attempted to

Compete’s CMO on Audience Insights, Not Audience Measurement

On 1/26, Compete’s CMO,  Stephen DiMarco, posted a blog on Media Post’s Online Metrics Insider about how  “the precision of online media is both a blessing and a curse for marketers. Left unchecked for way too long, online advertising has been overrun by tactics and success measures that are singularly suited for direct marketers and are not so effective for brand builders.” Read DiMarco’s full post.

List of Top 50 Websites in December 2009

Last week, Compete released its ranking of the top 50 Web sites in December 2009. During the final month of the year, winter weather blasted the country and drove holiday travelers into an online tailspin.  In fact, six of the top 20 highest growth Web site categories in December were travel and weather related.  The airport travel category, which includes sites like PHL.org and BWIairport.com, attracted 40 percent more unique