Drew Fortin

Battle of the Light Beers?

When I think summer. I think light tasting beers. In fact, I’ve heard that light beer is the most consumed beer in the US. Here’s a peek at how the most popular light beers are faring against each other.

Anybody wanna get high? i-dose today.

Apparently there’s a “new craze” sweeping the US teenage population that allows them to replace the high one would normally get from real world narcotics with a “digital high” or binaural brainwave dose from digital music track that modifies your brain waves. No, this is not some horrible sci-fi movie or a satirical play on drugs in schools, a-la family guy.  Even worse, this is real life.  And…it’s spreading!  Yesterday,

Bryan Eisenberg on Current Online Marketing Landscape

This Thursday, July 22, 2010, Bryan Eisenberg, two-time New York Times bestselling author and renowned online marketing speaker and expert, will present a webcast, "How to Legally Spy on Your Competition." Sponsored by Compete, the presentation will highlight different solutions for monitoring online competition, how to use them and what to do with the resulting data.  Last week, Compete spoke briefly with Bryan to get his thoughts on the online

Referral Analytics Webinar Replay

Since we launched two weeks ago, our reinvented Referral Analytics product has been well received.  We appreciate everyone’s feedback and hope you get a chance to check it out if you haven’t already.  My favorite coverage thus far was from Media Post’s Online Media Daily who gave us the headline Compete Competitive Analysis Tool Turns Marketers Into 007-esque Double Analytics Agents.  The article goes on to say “by tapping this

Does greatness equate to eternity?

Using the practices of today’s greatest companies to guide our business strategies is something we all do.  After all, that’s why they call them "best practices."  Many spend their days analyzing each and every move of their industry leader to discover what makes them great in hopes of becoming great themselves.  Others idolize them and are convinced that every move they take is the right one.  According to Walter Kiechel,

Poken Takes Poking Offline

According to TechCrunch Europe, self proclaimed "˜social business card‘ startup, Poken, just received a $1.8MM investment from Swisscom. Obviously, this means there is hope for good things out of this unique social networking product.

Affiliate Recruitment With Referral Analytics

On Sunday, I came across Geno Prussakov’s blog post called Recruit Affiliates with Intelligence & Link Building Tools on amnavigator.com. Although the post is brief, it makes the point that competitive intelligence and link building tools are “powerful affiliate recruitment tools.” Geno is a noted consultant, author, blogger, and international speakers on all things Affiliate Marketing, so I appreciate his support of competitive intelligence tools and calling out Compete PRO

Top 50 Websites in March 2010

On 4/27, Compete,  released its ranking of the top 50 Web sites for March 2010. March’s rankings revealed harbingers of spring — interest in home improvement and baseball — and fading recession fears, evidenced by spikes in traffic to Compete’s "Theme Parks" and "Vacation Packagers" categories. Read the full press release….

Top College Sports-Related Content and Search Terms for March 2010

Yesterday, Compete released its ranking of the top college sports-related content and search terms for March 2010. March Madness is always a boon for the sports category, and this year’s Cinderella stories and major upsets continued the trend. In fact, Compete’s college sports category recorded a bigger jump in March than “shopping blogs” and “business blogs,” rising 84 percent over the prior month and pulling in more than 10 million

Can Facebook Personalize the Internet?

Facebook’s new platform is turning the heads of publishers everywhere.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Open Graph at Facebook’s F8 developers conference in San Francisco.  By adding one line of HTML to their sites, publishers will be able to serve relevant content based on the the users’ Facebook profile (so long as the user is logged into FB at the same time). Although it’s primary intent is to provide a

How To Keep Tabs On The Competition

On Monday, I received Inc. Magazine’s April 2010 Issue in the mail. Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger was on the front cover next to a headline that read “Inside The Virtual Company – How smart entrepreneurs are finding money and happiness in an office-free life.”  Before opening to this feature,  I continued reading the other cover headlines… “How to Sell Anything” (seems like black magic), “Tips from the world’s toughest