Drew Fortin

Webinar Replay – Your Marketing Sucks

Better late than never… on 3/3 we partnered with Mark Stevens to bring you a webinar called Your Marketing Sucks – How to declare war on your company and yourself. Watch the replay below:

How to Create Competitive Advantage and Develop a Winning Product Marketing Strategy

As a b2b marketer, I am always excited when my product team releases new offerings and product enhancements. Every release introduces new features and benefits that separate us from the competition and provides more ammo when we go to market. Of course, without competitive analysis and research how would you know how to prioritize features or how to develop your marketing strategy? No matter which way you slice it, competitive

Online Marketing Summit Does Not Disappoint

Last week me and a couple members of the Compete Team headed to San Diego for the Online Marketing Summit put on by Online Marketing Connect (Twitter hashtag #OMS11). We had some excellent conversations with some of our current clients and potential users of Compete’s products and services at our Technology Lab table. So, how did OMS rank on my marketing conferences list? Very high! Although there were minor difficulties

What Google Learned in 2010

Google Recently released a video which includes some interesting facts about what they learned by analyzing search behaviors in 2010. The data was compiled from over 60 research studies with the help of many partners, including Compete and OTX to better understand how consumers are utilizing the web. The research produced some pretty cool facts like: Google provides the most dating site search referrals 25% of new vehicle buyers utilize

Don’t wish me happy birthday!

No matter what white paper you read, if it’s about email marketing it most likely has a section on message personalization. Email personalization makes complete sense. If you have specific information about your clients, users, etc. you should use that information to provide the most relevant and personal message possible. Advancements in email marketing technology and data collection have made it simple for any business to incorporate email messages and/or

Get your online marketer on at OMS San Diego

This week me and few other members of the Compete team will be hitting up our first online marketing event of the year, Online Marketing Summit in San Diego. I look forward to meeting our Compete users on the west coast at our Tech Showcase table to talk shop and at the Compete sponsored happy hour on Tuesday night to get saucy. Being a marketer that markets products that help

Williams-Sonoma Cranks Up the Heat

It’s no surprise that traffic to niche cooking websites, williams-sonoma.com, cooking.com, epicurious.com, and surlatable.com was at a year-long high last month as shoppers looked for the coolest panini press for Mom or the best recipe for ham glaze. Looking back at unique visitor (UVs) traffic since December 2008, December 2010 may have been a good month, but it certainly wasn’t a pinnacle. In fact, while Williams-Sonoma and Epicurious saw increases

Gmail’s buzz – much bigger than its bite?

Among 100+ other industry categories, Compete’s category profiles include an aggregate view of all US internet users engagement with web-based email clients. At first glance, there’s some surprising data in there. If you were to ask me what the most popular email client was before reviewing this category, I would say Gmail without a doubt. Based on unique visitors from the US IBP (internet browsing population), Gmail doesn’t even hold

Self.com-The Addition of Nutrition

Halloween is over and your office is flush with left-over candy. If you’re like most people, you’re worried that this is just the beginning of the season when gaining an extra 10 lbs is a very real specter. It’s time to start preparing to say “no” when asked if you want an extra slice of grandma’s famous Yule log. But how? To the rescue comes Self.com which features a Self

Google Instant’s Impact on SEM

I recently read an excellent post on the impact Google Instant is having on SEM (search engine marketing) from my friends at Response Mine out of Atlanta. They do an excellent job laying out how Google Instant (referred to as “GI” going forward) potentially changes the way that search marketers approach paid search advertising on Google. I tend to disagree with folks opposed to GI, but I’ll get into that

Starbucks Reigns Supreme

What type of coffee do you prefer – Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? Every time I ask the question, there seems to be an equal amount of die hards on either side. There was a time when I only cherished Dunkin’s brew, however those days are long gone. Ever since converting from cream, sugar, and the occasional flavor to straight up hot, black java, I have adapted to be able to