Don McLagan

Ouch! New England's Incredibly Shrinking VC Share

New England was a tough place to get funded in the first quarter of 2008. Venture capitalists in the region cut Q1 spending by 27% from a year ago. The retreat by the New Englander investors was much sharper than by their non-New England colleagues who cut their spending just 2%. As a result, New England’s share of venture capital funding declined from 13% of total US funding in Q1

Facebook's Application Rock Stars

The Community Next conference in San Jose, CA this last weekend resembled the mosh pit at a rock concert. It featured performances by the twenty year-old rock stars and a few older ones who have developed successful applications on the new Facebook applications platform. Business cards glowed with approval like cell phone lights at a concert. Venture capital promises were passed around like illicit drugs. The performers were mobbed by

It's Not a deal with the Devil that will save you $$…

Well, folks, on the magic date of 6/6/06, an article in the Wall Street Journal was published about how Tesco PLC, Britain’s largest retailer has signed up 12 million people to participate in their clubcard membership. But that’s not amazing. The amazing part of this deal (and the devil didn’t have a hand in this) was that smart consumers began to see the value in providing a little personal information