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Best Buy Looks to Grow E-Commerce Amid Massive Rivals

Image from: Reuters The online consumer electronics space is a competitive, yet valuable market. As technology rapidly improves, not only do retailers need new inventory — they need new strategies to keep up with a particularly saavy customer base. Best Buy recently declared they will increase focus on growing their online business; however in doing so they will have to take market share away from the two largest online retailers

Black Friday: How to Shop Less Belligerently

Image from: Poznyakov/Shutterstock For many, Black Friday has blossomed into a beloved tradition of engaging in fisticuffs with a stranger over the last pink Leapfrog tablet and is a day where the sight of a police officer in riot gear outside of the mall conjures up a warm fuzzy feeling. Apparently this tradition isn’t for everyone, as implied by the estimated 24% Y/Y growth in online shopping on Black Friday

Got the Munchies?

\ Image from: Munchies / Shutterstock Domino’s Pizza ran a national promotion with Groupon on 4/20 that offered a large pizza with up to 10 toppings for $8 – much to the delight of one particular behavioral segment. This deal didn’t generate the same magnitude of buzz as other national group deals. In fact, when you look at the daily percentage of online U.S. consumers who visited Groupon.com and Livingsocial.com

Can Retailers Get Their Holiday Groupon?

Group-buying sites are all the rage in 2010. Groupon’s meteoric rise has brought on billion-dollar-suitors and their model has been reproduced through countless clones. With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, major retailers should take notice of this new medium as they fight to get their piece of the pie. Looking at the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence™ study, fielded Oct 29 – Nov 16, we see that almost

Barnes & Noble Looks to Challenge Kindle’s e-Book Dominance

In July, BarnesandNoble.com launched the e-books section of their online bookstore with the intention of capitalizing on the growing market. Consumers have increasingly been turning to e-books that equip a reader with added conveniences and often a chic electronic device. Although Barnes & Noble lacks, at least for the time being, an e-reader similar to Sony’s e-reader or Kindle, Amazon.com’s industry leading e-reader, digital bookworms welcomed the new e-bookstore with

ProFlowers.com Comes Up Smellin’ Like Roses

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day are some of the busiest for online floral retailers (only Mother’s Day is busier). Big money is required to remain competitive in this market. Both 1800-Flowers.com and ProFlowers.com appeared on the homepage of Yahoo! the week prior to Valentine’s Day and Teleflora.com aired a TV spot during the Super Bowl. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, each of the top four

Green Monday vs. Cyber Monday: When Did Holiday Shopping Really Peak?

Everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but few have heard about "Green Monday," which is designated as the second Monday of December. Green Monday may be relatively obscure because it was named by eBay in a marketing campaign for late-season holiday shopping; however, the idea behind it is important because it supposedly marks online shoppers’ the last chance to order items without having to pay for expedited shipping

The Hottest Online Retail Products: Video Games Lead the Way

The recent economic turmoil is poised to make this holiday season a downer for many retailers who had hoped to end the year on a positive note. Each week through the end of the year, Compete will be tracking which retail products are drawing the most online interest from shoppers. A look at the leading products from this past week suggest that while consumers’ budgets will be pinched this year,

Borders.com Now in Control of its Own Destiny

For the past seven years, visitors to Borders.com have been automatically redirected to Border’s hosted site on Amazon.com. While hitching a ride on Amazon’s phenomenal growth at one time was likely a sound business decision, in hind sight that short-term fix to Border’s ecommerce woes handicapped Border’s online growth and its brand in general. The Border’s store on Amazon.com lacked its own identity and gave shoppers little incentive to continue

Will Hulu Replace Your TV?

Hulu.com, the online video site owned jointly by NBC Universal and News Corporation (Fox) launched earlier this year, currently streams numerous network and cable television programs (and a few movies too), including the majority of NBC’s and Fox’s Primetime lineups. Both Fox.com and NBC.com continue to stream most of their respective programming, either in the form of clips or full episodes, free of charge and with far fewer commercials than

Electronics and Fashion Among Top eBay Searches

eBay has grown over the years to become a major center for online purchasing. In March 2008, over 75 million Americans visited eBay. Two thirds of these visitors performed a search on the site. This begs the question, what was being searched for? Below is a table with the top 10 out of the 30 most searched terms on eBay in March 2008. The "Share" for each term is determined