Debra Miller Arbesman

Mass Merchants Go To The Head of The Class

The massive heat waves all across the country have ended, summer camps are coming to a close, and children are scrambling to finish the reading lists they have ignored all summer.   These can only mean one thing—the first day of school is just around the corner.  Using Compete’s panel of 2 million consumers and the results of our Summer 2011 Shopper Intelligence survey, we explored the hot ticket items this

How to Reach Dad on Father’s Day

Every June, sons and daughters say thanks to dad by showering him with love, affection, and of course, gifts. The weeks leading up to Father’s Day are spent searching for the perfect tie, power tool, or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. Using Compete’s panel of 2 million consumers and the results of the Spring 2011 Online Shopper Intelligence™ study, I was able to shed some light on consumer spending this

Walgreens Acquires Drugstore: What Does It Mean For The Marketplace?

On March 24, 2011, Walgreens announced it will acquire for $429 million.  This acquisition will bring together one of the largest online pureplay drugstore websites with one of the largest brick and mortar drugstores.  Sounds good on paper, but what does this really mean for Walgreens when it comes to its online marketplace? First, let’s look at the shopper base.  Currently, attracts about 8 million shoppers, 6

Happy Valentine’s Day, e-Retailers!

Love is in the air, and in most store fronts, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. More than half of consumers surveyed plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year and the average consumer will spend $111 on Valentine’s Day gifts. 54% of Valentine’s Day shoppers are going to buy gifts for more than one person. 8 out of 10 will buy a gift for their spouses or

Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Gift Cards come up on top

With only a few more shopping days until Christmas, consumers will be hitting the stores and web to find their last minute gift items.  According to the latest Compete Holiday Insights™, as on Dec 12, only 17% of consumers had finished their holiday shopping and a shocking 12% had no even begun!  The week of Dec 6 did mark a turning point, though—more than half of respondents (62%) had completed

It’s a Merry Christmas for e-Retailers

This holiday season is on track to be very merry for retailers, particularly those who rely on online sales to bolster their bottom line.  Shoppers have been hard at work, scouring the web for the perfect gifts.  Year-over-year comparison of average daily reach to top online retailers reveals online shopping averaging about 42% higher this year than in 2009. Not only is online shopping up year-over-year, it is outperforming offline

Online Sales Up the Week of Cyber Monday

With both Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, the holiday shopping season is definitely in full swing. 84 percent of consumers surveyed said they have begun their holiday shopping and a little less than half said they have completed more than half of their holiday shopping. Not surprisingly, online spend outperformed in-store spend with an average weekly spend of $202 online and $187 in-store. Most online retailers saw a

Consumers Conducted Holiday Shopping the Week of Black Friday

After this year’s Black Friday frenzy, more than 3/4 of consumers have checked items off of their holiday shopping lists. In fact, more than 1/3 of consumers had completed more than half of their holiday shopping. Popular items for the week of November 22 included clothing and shoes at 52 percent of consumers shopping the category; toys and games at 45 percent of consumers; electronics at 38 percent; and movies

More People Planning to Shop on Cyber Monday than Black Friday

According to the most recent Compete Online Shopper Intelligence™ study, more people are planning to shop on Cyber Monday than Black Friday this year. 45 percent of survey respondents indicated they will shop on Cyber Monday, versus 37 percent who plan to shop on Black Friday. However, Black Friday shoppers are planning to spend more money than Cyber Monday shoppers, with Black Friday shoppers averaging an expected $353 and Cyber

Holiday shoppers spent more online than in-store last week

Holiday shoppers spent more online than in-store last week With Halloween behind us, consumers are turning their attentions to the winter holidays. As of November 7, 61% of respondents in the latest Compete Holiday Insights™ survey indicated they had begun their Holiday shopping. There is still plenty of shopping ahead, though, as only 14% of consumers had completed more than half of their expected shopping. Last week marked a turning

Sweet Halloween for Amazon

Autumn…a time of sweaters, apple cider, colorful leaves, and goblins!  Halloween is this coming Sunday and it seems that online shoppers having been searching for the perfect Halloween costume for several weeks.  Looking at weekly visitors to the Halloween/costume sections of Amazon, Target, and Walmart, you can see costume traffic has been consistently growing as we approach Halloween.  But from the very beginning, Amazon has led when it came to