Browsers for Food

It’s well known that Microsoft’s ten year old Internet Explorer 6 is still widely used by late (late, late) adopters and those that are held at the mercy of lethargic Corporate IT departments. Until now, Microsoft hasn’t really prioritized encouraging users to upgrade.

Unemployment Claims Sites Seeing Dramatic Increases in Traffic.

As the nation’s unemployment rate continues to climb, it seems the newly jobless are increasingly filing and managing their unemployment online. Traffic to state unemployment claims filing domains has, not surprisingly, jumped drastically over the past year in areas hardest hit by the recession.  Markets affected most by the real estate implosion, such as California and Arizona (eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov & egov.azdes.gov ), as well as those facing down the automotive meltdown,

Filleting the "Filet-o-Fish"

Why would McDonald’s not use filetofish.com to capitalize on its most ignored sandwich the one time of year 23.9% of the US population is compelled to consume it at least once a week (lent)? Where is the website counterpart to the viral Arnold phenom that is "Gimme-that-filet-o-fish"? Where is the follow-through? First, some history. According to USA Today, the filet-o-fish (one "L") was "invented" in 1962 in Cincinnati by McDonald’s

Snuggie Fatigue: Are We Moving Beyond ‘The Blanket with Sleeves’?

Has the inglorious era of the backwards bathrobe come to its inevitable end? Will the "Sleeved Blanket" join ranks with fallen veterans like "The Bedazzler", "The Clapper," or "Blu-Blockers"? If you analyze traffic to the two largest Snuggie transaction sites, the answer may just be yes. Unique Visitors to getsnuggie.com (88,961) and freesnuggie.com (135,785) are down 33.8% and 26.2% between January and February 2009, respectively, placing UVs back near October