David Kertesz

Game Over Gamekillers!

We’ve all been deeply involved in a conversation with someone we just met at a bar or party when everything seems to be going really well. You are being especially witty and smooth, and that certain someone is digging every story you tell"¦everything is perfect. You know that if you keep this up, you’ll get some digits later. Then you see that Mark, your friend that has a knack for

FIFA World Cup 2006

It has been 4 long years for you die hard soccer fans since Brazil won their 5th World Cup in Japan/Korea, and come June 9th, the world’s largest sporting event will kick off (excuse the pun) again. Thirty-two of the world’s best soccer nations will square off in Germany to decide who will take home the world’s most prestigious trophy. With an estimated 213 countries tuning in (that’s just about

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42"¦ Lost

Well folks, it’s over"¦for now. Several major questions were answered in Lost’s season 2 finale and many left un-answered, but aren’t those un-answered questions the ones that are going to keep the show on the air for several more years to come? Brilliant. In what will likely go down as one of the best season finales of the year (Sorry Will & Grace lovers), we now know (we think) the

Apple + Nike = Running 3.0

We all know how big Nike is when it comes to athletic gear and apparel, but now a symbiotic relationship has been created between Apple and Nike that is about to change the athletic world forever. The latest Nike+ Air Zoom running shoes are here! But now they are equipped with a receiver that will connect to an iPod Nano through the Nike+ Sportkit. The wireless Sportkit receiver plugs into

Pimp My Cell

Is your cell phone in need of a desperate makeover? You’re not the only one! In week 19 (05/07), we and nearly 320,000 other consumers sampled the services that Dadamobile.com is offering to improve on the coolness factor of your cell. Just enter your cell # at dadamobile.com and immediately you’ll get a text message with a code which allows you access to the site. Once inside you’ll find the

Capturing Tender Moments

The digital photography revolution has been here for some time now and it’s only getting better and easier to be creative with your photos. As more and more people arm themselves with pocket sized digital cameras and camera phones, consumers are taking more pictures than ever, and are looking for easier ways to share their photos"¦you know the one where your co-worker gets loaded at the company party and does

Remembering Atkins"¦

Remember when the fad diet of the day was the Atkins diet? The low carbohydrate, high fat miracle diet where you would see friends drop 60 pounds in a month jamming porterhouses slathered with butter into their mouths? So, what’s going on in the world of dieting you might ask? Well, it seems that it’s an all natural appetite suppressant called Hoodia, a plant derivative that curbs the appetite. It

Lazy Coupon Days Ahead

Yes, we love to shop, but we also love to save and "Save" just happens to be the American consumer’s middle name. We’ll do almost anything and look just about anyplace to save a buck or three. Your parents or grandparents probably still sit at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning, armed with scissors, tearing through the paper looking for that elusive coupon that will save them $1. Now

Fort Knox has left the key in the door"¦

Since Gold has been trading on the NY mercantile exchange at an all time high in April and May, what better way to get a positive message to consumers then by having a sweepstakes and giving the stuff away! That’s right folks, the "May is Gold Month" sweepstakes has begun at Jewelry.com and you should join the small army of gold treasure hunters who are registering to win some free

Want a Free $2,000,000 home?

Donald P. Cook was just handed the keys to the 10th annual HGTV $2 million Dream home Giveaway. Lucky guy. Besides winning the brand new home, GMC parked a brand new Yukon in his garage. Not a bad day’s work for registering, along with 35 million other people, at HGTV.com. All it takes is an email address and a dream! The 2006 dream home, located near Lake Lure NC, is