David Kertesz

The Fantasy Sports Phenomenon

Online fantasy sports are big"¦ really big. In September 2005, over 9.5 Million people in the United States were involved in a fantasy sports league through one of the three largest fantasy services – Yahoo, Sportsline and ESPN. To put this in perspective, the volume of people playing fantasy on these three sites equates to the population of Michigan (the 8th most populated U.S. state)! As such, fantasy sports have

TopTenSources.com – Finding relevancy

Have you ever searched a great idea or tried to find a blog on your favorite subject at one of the big search engines and find all that was returned was paid search ads and 15 irrelevant websites? It happens to us all the time. Thanks to a great find by ScottE, we’re happy to talk about one of the coolest social blogging sites around, toptensources.com. Toptensources.com searches through the

Online Fan Support – France vs Italy

This Sunday, July 9th, France and Italy, two previous winners with plenty of history between them, will meet in what will surely be an epic battle for the 2006 World Cup. But before we end our discussion on the World Cup, we wanted to know who has won the battle for online fan support, France or Italy? One would think that the Italian Azzuri, who have a rabid national fan

World Cup Madness"¦

So it wasn’t the result that United States soccer fans had expected, but the games were exciting and Sam’s Army was out in full force. Crazed fans rooted for the American squad in Germany and in soccer establishments (bars) around the United States"¦Maybe a US winner in South Africa 2010? Let’s not kid ourselves. A finals appearance in the next 50 years will suffice… Starting July 4th, the semi finals


As an air travel consumer, sometimes we feel like there is no competition between the airlines and we never know if we’re getting the best deal possible on a plane ticket. The age old question always arises when you are buying a ticket online- Should I buy now, or do I wait a week to see if prices will go down? If I don’t buy now, will I just watch


If you are like me and have no idea about wine and feel a slight sense of apprehension with the daunting task of walking up and down the aisles at a wine shop in order to pick out a bottle of wine or 4 for your next party, then we might be able to offer some help. As States are changing their laws about shopping for wines online, it is

Whole Lot Of Food

Obviously, food is such a big part of our lives and we all wish we could have ma or grandma’s home cooking every night. We all strive to live healthy, but in this on-the-go society that is America, we forget how to eat right and the consequence is being lazy with our food choices and packing on the weight. Trust me, I love the double QT pounder w/cheese and if

Diet Coke and Mentos

It’s been roughly 25 or so years since the spread of the urban legend of Pop-Rocks and coke. It was once believed that if you mixed the two delicious products it might cause an internal explosion that would blow your head off! I remember being in the 3rd grade and opening up my garbage pal kids cards on the playground, sipping on a coke and being warned by all my


You know the stickers, t-shirts, buttons and everything imaginable that your sales and marketing teams dole out in order to keep the consumer aware of their brand. In a very competitive marketplace, the hats with a company logo might be the deciding factor in how a deal gets done. It’s amazing to see how excited a co-worker can get over a keychain with a corporate logo! Anyway, schwag is now

Extra Extra"¦

Read all about it. Every minute, around the world, there is more news being posted online than we can shake a stick at, and that is a lot. Personally, I have never shaken a stick at anything except those darn kids playing their music to loudly on their decked out entertainment systems in their hip new lofted space. So what’s new in news you ask? Not much. The same old

Rainy Day, Week, Month.

It’s warm and sunny somewhere, right? It’s that time of the year again. Spring is just about over and summer is right around the corner, but if you’re like the millions in the Northeast who can’t buy a day without rain, then we have some sites for you to remedy the occasional seasonal depression. First, if you are depressed about the weather, never, ever check out this page. You did?!