David Kalil

Device Profile: The Samsung Vibrant Sparkles at T-Mobile

Samsung’s slick, Android-powered Galaxy S phones have been huge hits. The company just announced that they have sold 3 million Galaxy S devices since the line first launched in July. Compete looked into online trends for the Vibrant (at T-Mobile), Captivate (at AT&T) and Fascinate (at Verizon Wireless) to get a better understanding of who is buying the Galaxy S and which carrier stands to benefit most from these hot

Multi-Cultural Marketing, Part I: Finding Korean Americans Online

Korean Americans represent less than 1% of the US population. Still, SK Telecom thinks that segment is valuable enough that it markets a Helio sub-brand called "Helio Powered by SK Telecom" that offers Korean-language phones and content "” and Korean-language advertising. Because we’re thinking about segmentation more and more here at Compete, I took a look at areas online where Helio might be able to find Korean Americans and target