Danielle Bulger

Smartphone Owners Now Spending More from Handset, but Poor Site Functionality Is a Turn-off

Compete will be at CES 2010 sharing additional and complementary data to what you’ll read below. If you would like to set up a meeting with Compete to discuss, please email Danielle Nohe at dnohe@compete.com or Greg Carter at gcarter@compete.com. On the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Compete released the results of its quarterly Smartphone Intelligence survey showing that smartphone owners are more comfortable buying from their handsets,

The Economy Helps Boost the Prepaid Market

Throughout 2009, Boost Mobile has been at the forefront of a prepaid resurgence in the wireless industry.  Boost’s distinctive "Unwrong’d" campaigns have been all over the media for much of the year, but have they helped Boost gain any traction in the wireless world? As it turns out, Boost had the right idea.  Not only has its traffic increased significantly over the last year, but the prepaid market as a

iPhone Users: All Play and No Work?

In the past, smartphones were synonymous with business – road warriors with Blackberries. But times are changing. Manufacturers are promoting their devices as tools for overall life management and fun as well as professional tools, like Research in Motion’s "Life on Blackberry" campaign. The iPhone has always been marketed as a multi-function consumer device, but do people really use it more for personal or business applications? That was one of

Smartphone Intelligence: The iPhone at the mall and on the road

Almost everywhere I turn, I see an iPhone: at work, on the soccer field, on the street. My boyfriend and Mom both have them. Clearly these devices appeal to a lot of people, and we’ve heard the iPhone described as "more than just a phone" by owners. But what does that mean? How else are people using their iPhones? We explored these questions in the most recent fielding of Compete’s

Sprint Gets Value from the Online Channel by Emphasizing Value for Consumers

Over the last few weeks, Sprint announced significant company-wide cost cutting measures and substantial layoffs. The company is faced with making hard, but necessary, business decisions to try to put them back on course. But what else is going on and is there a more positive side to this story? There is a silver lining for Sprint: the Online Channel. Sprint.com looks like a sure bright spot for Sprint- they

Multi-Cultural Marketing Part II: Hola! To Online Hispanic Wireless Prospects

I was recently reading a press release published by mobile marketing company HipCricket that talked about the Hispanic segment leading the way in mobile data usage. It said that this segment was watching more videos, sending more photos, and using SMS more than the general population. Some wireless companies have taken notice and are running specific media campaigns to reach this segment. For example, Sprint sponsors Colombian pop star Jaunes,