Damian Roskill

FedEx.com is Delivering – UVs That Is

Quick, can you guess the best month for unique visitors (UVs) on FedEx.com and UPS.com? Okay, I’ll break the suspense. As you can see below, December is typically the best month, by far. But you probably guessed that already. A deeper look at the data, however, reveals a few insights worthy of further study. First, UVs for UPS.com fell 2.42 percent between February 2009 and February 2010. During that same

Battle of the Bulge: Nutrisystem Sees Rapid Weight Loss

Here at Compete we often talk about the predictive power of our data. We can often see trends in behavior and business performance before it is represented in financial statements. As someone who worked in the financial services community for a long time, I love looking at cases where Compete data can be related to the stock market. Here are two companies I’ve been watching – Weightwatchers (Symbol: WTW) and

Flash Sale Websites vs. Local Deal Sites – Fight!

There is a standard conversation I’ve heard many, many times among VCs and internet folks alike in the last six months: are flash sale websites and local deal websites a fad, or are they here to stay? I’ve heard and find merit with both sides of the argument. One way to look at what is happening is to look at how these websites are or are not growing. In this

Compete.com Crack Down: Sadly this appears to be working

Here at Compete we’re always looking out for new marketing and advertising techniques – and we found an interesting one recently.

Start-up watch: Eventbrite or “The future is so Brite I gotta wear shades”

Eventbrite just announced a new round of venture financing for the company and it is easy to see why VCs are excited by the company. Started in 2006, Eventbrite is now on track to process over $200 million in tickets sales and around 7.5 million individual tickets. Eventbrite revenues are estimated to be at north of $10 million – so they are, as they say, killing it.

AOL and Bebo – a sad tale told in data

AOL purchased Bebo, then a hot social network, for $850 million in March, 2008, with the hope of competing with Facebook. Sadly that was not to be. June 17th the story came to an end as Bebo was sold for somewhere between $2.5m and $10m to a private equity group. Of course, none of this was really news to Compete subscribers who have seen the clear trend in Bebo’s numbers


The New York Times is out with a piece today on one of my favorite websites – www.icanhascheezburger.com. Most of the piece is a retread of what has been said before about the network — the site has grown from essentially nothing, now making a bunch of money from advertising, licensing and merchandising. The other keys to their success, according to the article, are the size of their network, and

Compete Data Methodology White Paper

Here at Compete, we spend a lot of time and energy on the data methodology behind our panel.  We also get questions from our customers and partners about the panel, as well as how we get to the metrics that really matter to online businesses.  With that, we’re happy to announce the release of our new Compete Data Methodology white paper.  In it, you’ll find information on: Our multi-source panel

Can web traffic predict Grammy winners?

Now that the Grammys have come and gone, we thought it might be fun to see if web traffic could be used to predict the outcome of a few categories.  Specifically, we thought we’d take a look at the Record of the Year (for best individual song of the year) and Album of the Year (for best overall album) results.  Interestingly, both categories contained almost the exact same group of

Amazon in December – 2009 vs 2008

Last year, Compete published an analysis of both Amazon and of 10 retailers heading into December. We thought it was time for an update. Like last time, we were looking to understand whether or not consumers are back spending. The analysis focused on a single question as a proxy for online consumer spending in general: are online retailers ahead of or behind last year’s pace? This year we’re going to

Start-up Watch: Typepad vs. Tumblr

Back in November, Typepad announced that they would be launching their own microblogging service called Typepad Micro. What is microblogging?  The term generally refers to lightweight blogging platforms such as Micro and Tumblr as well as services such as Twitter. As VentureBeat pointed out, "Blogging pioneer TypePad can’t take it anymore, as young and sprightly competitors Tumblr and Posterous get all the attention. So now it’s launching TypePad Micro, a