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Want a Tip about Podcasting? Digital 180 Speaks with Tippingpoint Labs’ Chief Strategy Officer

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Andrew Davis.  Andrew founded Tippingpoint Labs with James Cosco in 2002.  Since the early nineties Andrew has been creating valuable content for companies like The Jim Henson Company, CNN, The Today Show and even MTV. Andrew spoke with Digital 180 about podcasting and what he sees as an evolution in podcasting.  "I think podcasting as a whole has kind off fallen off

Digital 180 Speaks with Espresso's Managing Director Marta Kagan

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Marta Kagan, who leads Espresso’s growing Boston office.   As the outspoken voice behind The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius, Marta writes and speaks frequently about branding and advertising in the digital channel.  Her viral hit What the F**k is Social Media? has been translated into seven languages.

Top 25 Retail Sites

Each month, Compete takes a look at the top 25 most-trafficked web sites within one of industry categories. Back-to-school shopping played a role in shaping the top 25 retail web sites for July. Amazon Stays at Number One Budget-conscious consumers seem to be finding a safe haven with the discount retailers, and this, in part, helped retain its number-one spot on the top 25 list. The site attracted 67.2

Digital 180 Speaks with Hill Holliday’s Chief Media and Digital Officer

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Baba Shetty, chief media and digital officer at Hill Holliday. Baba provided insights into two successful digital campaigns: An app built for Dunkin’ Brands that had an iPhone version and a web-based version A content hub for Liberty Mutual Hill Holliday built an app called "Dunkin’ Run" based upon behavior they observed of people wanting to go to Dunkin’ Donuts. "We kind

Digital 180 with Upromise's Head of Web Strategy Aboud Yaqub

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, recently caught up with Aboud Yaqub, the VP of Web Strategy of Upromise. Launched in April 2001, today Upromise is a major, private source of college funding contributions in America, with over 10 million members and nearly $500 million in member rewards. If you are looking for tips and tricks to build and engage an online community Aboud’s insights are a "must see": The

Getting Fit – A Discussion with Dr. John Ratey, M.D.

As marketers we want to, check that, we need to better understand consumers. Dr. John Medina provided his unique perspective on consumer behavior based on his knowledge as a developmental molecular biologist. Dr. John Ratey M.D., author of Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain looks at consumers through another clinical lens. In these challenging times, with the unemployment rate at its highest since 1992, what

A Discussion with Brain Expert Dr. John J Medina

At first glance, interviewing a developmental molecular biologist might seem unusual for the Compete blog. After all, what does the discipline have to do with marketing? It turns out to be very significant. The 12 brain Rules that Dr. John Medina identifies in his book are directly relevant for marketers. As Garr Reynolds put simply in my interview with him: ""¦.his ideas will change the way we all work and versus — The Race For Holiday Shoppers Heats Up

I recently created my first photo book online as a holiday gift. Judging by the slow speed of the site I was on, I wasn’t alone! In fact, traffic to photo service sites Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish and MyPublisher each rose in November. Snapfish experienced the biggest gain with a whopping 40% increase to a record 4.725 million people. And, only Snapfish enjoyed a year-over-year increase in traffic (up 25.7%

The Changing Face of Retail: An Interview with Retail Veteran Dan Stanek

It wouldn’t surprise you if I said that this holiday shopping season is expected to be weak. But would you be taken aback if I said that there is a fundamental shift in consumer values underway that may have a lasting impact on retailers? If your eyebrows are raised, listen up. What changes are you observing in consumer values? What I am seeing is the pendulum swinging away from the

Something's Brewin' at Dunkin'

Dunkin’ Donuts took the gloves off in its battle against rival Starbucks with the October 21 launch of its "Dunkin Beat Starbucks" campaign featuring a national blind taste test where Dunkin’ coffee was preferred over Starbucks. Has the campaign resonated with coffee drinkers? *Daily reach is the number of people that visit a website on a given day as a percentage of all U.S. Internet users online that day. 45,516

Interview with Communispace VP of Marketing Diane Tarr-Smith

As marketers we know that the need to listen to, understand and engage customers more intently is intensified during difficult market conditions. I recently interviewed Diane Tarr-Smith, VP of Marketing at Communispace to find out how private online communities can help. How can a company use a community as part of a larger marketing and social media strategy? Think of it this way — imagine you sell soft drinks and