Conrad Beickler

Different Is Better: Blackberry Must Emphasize the Z10’s Competitive Strengths

Blackberry created a top-notch phone and new OS for its crucial comeback, but sold themselves short when marketing the device. The company formerly known as RIM spent a whopping $4 million dollars on its Super Bowl commercial. The ad did not significantly increase traffic to Blackberry’s site, unlike other brands like Jeep or Axe. Compete’s Super Bowl Analysis showed’s Daily Reach only spiked on January 30th when…

Why eCommerce Can Thrive in a Soft LCD TV Market

Image from: Old Television / Shutterstock CNN Money recently reported that for the first time ever, shipments of LCD TVs were down in Q1 2012. The article attributes the decline to market saturation – most consumers already own a flatpanel TV, and those who don’t are likely willing to defer their purchase, especially given the weak global economy. We’ve seen from past research that the majority of TV purchases are

Which Publishers are Best Positioned to Capitalize on NFL Offseason Interest?

In an apparent effort to drive TV ratings, the first round of the 2010 NFL draft was held during primetime for the first time in its 75 year history. The result was a ratings windfall; ESPN’s draft coverage was the fifth most watched cable program of 2010 in US households despite splitting its sporting-enthusiast viewership with NHL and NBA playoff games.

Can Microsoft’s Zune HD challenge the iPod?

Hopes were high when Microsoft introduced the Zune in 2006. As the first MP3 player to feature Wifi and an FM radio, the Zune stood out by allowing owners to share music wirelessly with other Zuners. The concept never took off; Zune adoption was limited, while Apple’s iPod line continued to dominate the media player space. In late September Microsoft launched its new Zune HD media player.  Rather than simply

Are Camera Phones Killing the Digital Camera?

Convergence of mobile technologies is often treated as a foregone conclusion; the assumption is that, at some point, all of today’s gadgetry will be consolidated in a single device. Sony Ericsson recently released the 905a mobile phone to AT&T subscribers. The 905a mobile phone features an 8 megapixel camera bearing Sony’s Cyber-shot moniker usually reserved for its line of digital cameras. This is clearly a sign of convergence, but is