Chris Mahoney

So This Gecko, Caveman, and a Woman Named Flo Walk into a Bar: Part II

Image from: As Seen On TV / Shutterstock Last week I took a look at the battle for online market share in auto insurance from a search perspective noting that GEICO and Progressive have successfully marketed their character-based advertisement campaigns online. They have also coupled their efforts with social media to significantly elevate their digital brand awareness. You don’t have to look any further than Facebook to see that over

So This Gecko, Caveman, and a Woman Named Flo Walk into a Bar: Part I

The Gecko, the Cavemen, an enthusiastic woman named Flo, Mayhem, magical jingles and Mike McGlone smugly asking rhetorical questions. These are just some of the ways auto insurance companies have attempted to separate themselves and establish greater market share in a multibillion dollar advertisement war aimed at capturing widespread consumer attention[1]. Although traditional companies like Allstate and State Farm still do the majority of their business offline, the gap is

Calling All Armchair Volunteers — The Gulf is Still Your Responsibility

Before April 20, 2010, the phrase "environmental disaster" was almost synonymous with the Exxon Valdez oil spill that tarnished the beautiful waters of the Prince Edward Sound by spilling nearly 10.8 million gallons of crude oil into its waters. Now, the only thing on the minds of Americans when they hear this same phrase involves merely just two letters: B-P. Conducting a drilling exploration 42 miles southeast of Venice Louisiana,